Don’t Snowball


Sometimes you never learn until you accidentally find it, and you realise how wrong you have been all these days for the right thing to happen. Life has more to it than the good cubicle which devours the time of your life. There is more purpose to life than just the waiting game of success and chase.

The Good Old Letter Box

Look what have we done to the extent that today he is just waiting for people to drop in front of him and push the letter of message. Once upon a time he gladly used  to accept the message and carry it to your dearest souls sharing your emotions, well this must be amnesia now and I would honestly be very glad if you release an exclamation and say, “Hey!! one of these lies in the corner of our well known street”. Okay, so why don’t you pay respect to Mr. Letterbox who has been waiting into timeless.

Faith is on the other side

I have always wondered what is the difference between faith, belief and trust. I always tried to open the door across and pondered at the questions and the truth is I never do really know even today, for faith is to trust, trust is to firmly believe, belief is to trust and have faith. Okay, it may be a bit confusing but do not snowball this moment or me into your thoughts. Life is a learning process and I would be a student always trying to find my answers also meanwhile when I say “do not snowball me”, you hardly know anyone by their nature so take time to understand and do not pass your opinion.


The journey will never end until you want it to, the juggernaut has to balance on all the wheels. It has to be pulled with grace and do not challenge it for all that takes to tumble down is giving up on the balance. I love my life and  I am just a speck in the existence of this universe, I have a desire to know people and though the world will live tomorrow and after it is not late to make a start.

To the people who seem to wait like me for sharing a handshake, please pen your opinion as It does matter a lot. So long until next and by the way I am happiest for embarking soon into a beautiful new role.


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