“Iron Beak”


“Days and Nights are long

My beak is strong as iron,

Indefatigability is the root of success

Why will the ocean not dry up?”

Colorful Naranje Bud

I have not been writing, no riding, not socialising and I am not wasting my life, I am having the best time. It has been the best boon, I have become “Papa” and now along with my wife I have round the clock shifts for nappy times. I must admit this is the most challenging job in the world, it is so amazing to see something new every moment when your are with the baby and I am sure every parent feels the same through this beautiful time.

Not even gifting a diamond studded trophy will do justice to the women who give birth to new life. I experienced anxiety, sadness, happiness and all the tumultous emotions in the last few months of the baby’s arrival and when she arrived there was such a drama because I never knew she had already arrived ( I should put this story some time next).

It has been three months now and all soaked in the mighty glory of parenthood, the child definitely brings out the parent in you. It is not you getting adjusted or modifying into your new role, there is no logic but you will definitely get trained in every aspect to do what you made your parents do to you. I am certainly awakened and this transition has made me very responsible, the family tree has a new bud and in the years to come we have made a promise to make it the best we can.


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