The 10,000 Yards

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It was a farce reality, when I started to run in 2012 and wanted to test endurance levels of my body and I was unable to complete even a decent half a mile.

Cut to 2018 and last week on May 27th 2018 I am an honest finisher of the TCS 2018 10K Marathon, it may not sound a so-called big achievement for the fitness fanatics but for me it is chef-d’oeuvre and the only story which I smilingly will keep close to my heart.

I tried to register myself for the 10 Kilometer run in 2017 but had no luck as the registrations were complete, running in a marathon was long cherished. Yes running brings in discipline, determination, motivation and when you want to give up – running will make you think again.

On the race day I woke up at 3:45 am casually, thinking about the 25,000 strong crowd that had registered for the run I did not want to miss the starting line. It was a sea of blue for the run and wearing my bib number 8329 I was waiting outside the arena to get inside, Mary Pierce the double time Grand Slam Tennis Champion was at the start line to flag off the run. As I was waiting to enter the arena and a Sikh Turbanator caught my attention who was right next to me waiting to, dark shades covered his eyes at 5:15 am in the morning.

The crowd was getting impatient and the race was flagged off at 5:27 am, we were outside and a bit impatient so that the indoor was not crowded. We slowly walked in and our bibs were scanned, as I walked up the ramp and slowly came out in the galleries it was the sight to behold where a behemoth crowd awaited to dash and it was a sea of people with high enthusiasm. I felt it, I felt that high which every other runner may feel and 18 minutes odd after the start Grand Slam Chmapion Mary Pierce clapped her hands waved at us. The jockey at the start line was shouting at the top of her voice and you have to respect her for the adrenaline which was driving that big crowd for the run.

As I started to run and was close to the completion of one Kilometre mark the Sikh Turbanator was ahead of me, guess what he was visually blind and held the stick horizontally which was held by a guide accompanying him. This is the vibration or level of energy which left me spellbound and hats off to this man whoever he is, we had the run for handicapped too but this man was not disabled.

Slowly crossing the miles myself in between the people and nudging ahead, not to forget the motivators and the dancers. The musicians, the band stand, the loud Punjabi dhols, the Kannada tapanguchi everything was a flavored magical camaraderie. As I reached the 6 Kilometers mark and passed by Chinnaswamy stadium, The Karnataka Parliament Vidhan Soudha and finally the Cubbon Park a smile erupted on my face as I had proved myself correct.

I wanted to dash the last 200 meters but due to the crowd which choked at the finish line the last dream was not realized, My finish was around 1:26:00 and so. This is a medal for my effort and no one can take it away from me, that dash eludes me for 2019. For all the sarcasm and criticisms this  event has vanished them all, you run like no one can and you dance like only you can.

She had been awake, my mother woke up early in the morning to wish me the best and how could I stop.

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