Daily Prompt: Mentor

via Daily Prompt: Mentor

A talent in the nascent stage will be like a baby in incubator, an individual trying to develop his potential and prove his worth is more or less like a fish that’s been constantly chased by a fishing line. At the mercy of the fish would be the situation had not the fish bites the bait, the world looks very vulnerable and the defeat of a struggle is written large everywhere.

To expect honesty is the measure of your worth, is it vice versa the same when considered other way around? How should you not analyse the people when they too analyse you, how should you not ask for their honesty and words to be proven when you have done your bit. Effective development is now posse leading to defective efficiencies and I have a strong feeling a true mentor is one who would be at your side and not lack the basic values to respect and recognise what your true potential would be/is.

To move in the right direction you need a mentor who will coach you in style, who will stay awake in all situations and take the cudgels regardless of blaming the situation and make you a scapegoat. I would definitely groom the people who come across me who would not have the shortfalls that I had, I will not stop the progress/growth of an individual who has a panache for creativity and innovation.

Everyone has a curious eye towards this beautiful world and all of us are trying to find out the ubiquitous, we have never forgotten from where we have risen and where we need to go.

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