Stepping into Space – Parallel Ride

A very special moment today, Shri Krishna Janmashtami marks the birth of lord Krsn’a. As a young boy I grew up studying the Hindu mythology and I read a lot about the Lord Krsn’a. What a profound joy it is to watch a baby growing, everything is new to the infant and I am blessed to experience it now. One of my desires is to … Continue reading Stepping into Space – Parallel Ride

The 10,000 Yards

All-Time Favorites It was a farce reality, when I started to run in 2012 and wanted to test endurance levels of my body and I was unable to complete even a decent half a mile. Cut to 2018 and last week on May 27th 2018 I am an honest finisher of the TCS 2018 10K Marathon, it may not sound a so-called big achievement for … Continue reading The 10,000 Yards

Puppets Of past

2017 Favorites First of all, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the wonderful support. It has been both an honor and a pleasure to share my photos and experiences with all of you and you’ve all helped make 2017 a truly wonderful year. It’s sad to see something go, isn’t it? Maybe 2017 is just an … Continue reading Puppets Of past

Mount Kumara Parvata –

Glow 20th October 2017 and as I climbed berth number 8 in the coach AB1 of Bangalore bound train, I asked Vivek his choice and he preferred berth number 31. As soon as I lay down my whole body was rejoicing at the though of the soft cushion underneath and the challenging two days we had prior. I think this is one of the best … Continue reading Mount Kumara Parvata –

Don’t Snowball

Waiting Sometimes you never learn until you accidentally find it, and you realise how wrong you have been all these days for the right thing to happen. Life has more to it than the good cubicle which devours the time of your life. There is more purpose to life than just the waiting game of success and chase. Look what have we done to the … Continue reading Don’t Snowball