My Adrenaline – My Trail


20th October 2017 and as I climbed berth number 8 in the coach AB1 of Bangalore bound train, I asked Vivek his choice and he preferred berth number 31. As soon as I lay down my whole body was rejoicing at the though of the soft cushion underneath and the challenging two days we had prior. I think this is one of the best highlights of my life and from past one year I had no opportunity to go out and experience adventure.

What did we experience? We trekked to Kumara Parvata which stands at 1712 metres above sea level in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. It is at the border of Dakshina Kannada and Coorg districts, also located amidst the Sanctum Sanctorum of Kukke Subramanya. This is some basic facts for you and when Vivek mentioned about him having an idea of trekking to the spot initially, I nurtured the thought of how beautiful it would be to scale a mountain and what great effort it would require from me to climb.

I have my answers well scripted now, I have achieved a great moment which is going to stay a long time to come and I punched my fist and clapped hands in joy when I reached the peak. It’s a challenge which was  well deserved accomplishment and I believe comes to the people who are fear less.

19th October, Morning 5:50 am we reached Kukke Subramanya railway station and seated ourselves in a bus to the temple. We  checked into hotel and dumped our things which were not necessary for the trek, had a quick breakfast, loaded with ample of water scouted the place for the entrance of the mountain. After walking around a kilometre or odd from the main temple area we reached the wildlife sanctuary and started our trek. The first look at the start I must say scared me a bit and I was apprehensive of going in, a passerby who saw us starting cautioned about an elephant roaming in the wild and this definitely put me on my nerves. You never want to run into an elephant and that too in a wild forest, however put the apprehensions aside and started to walk. What a life changing experience and amazing walk it turned out to be.

Every step was a fantasy and as I realised what challenges lay ahead, I said to myself one step at a time. I saw Vivek had great amount of energy and was the driving force for my trek, I thought if he could I should and no matter if he is 10 years younger to me. He would wait when I would slow down and I would drink water to regain my composure. We cut deep into the forest, climbed up hill and went down the paths that was full of wet slippery clay and the roots that lay from ages. We had our experience with the leeches who came and stuck onto our ankles, feet and our legs, they had their source of nourishment until we realised.

I wondered and my imaginations were running wild, where was the top? and how long it would take for us to reach the base camp. We had started to trek at around 7:45 am and with no GPS. We followed only the trails, we met few passionate trekkers on the way who joined but they did walk ahead of us and we were left to find the right path. We took our time but did not lose the direction, we were going right into the canopy and gaining altitudes. At around 11:00 am the sun rays pierced through the forest cover on us and we came out into the grand opening. We saw the mountains ahead of us and saw the base camp, we met a noble man and his home is Bhattramane. I already had my share of heavy breaths and was very tired, we were served with the best morsels of rice to this day and we ate greedily to our hunger with tangy pickles and the sour buttermilk.

As we finished our lunch, we were joined by ten more passionate guys who planned their trek and the boys were from their final years of Engineering. I was a witness to some tremendous amounts of energy in them, We got introduced and spoke about our plans to hit the peak with them next morning as there were a few experienced guys who had done the trail previously and we felt comfortable to be with them. After the chat I snored a while and recharged myself, once awake we had a small walk to the base camp where the tents were pegged, we went and scaled the place, we saw the mountains we had to scale the next day. I was spellbound, I questioned myself whether there is a need for me to do it? whether I would be able to do it? I could see small specks moving on the greens far away who were trekkers. I  breathed in and said to myself I will scale for down the years I will say I was here, as we sat at the viewpoint we met another lone gunner Tejas and we exchanged ideas on trekking, he provided us with valuable tips which were very informative for us.

The evening tea from Mr Bhattru was a delight and turbo charged were us in itself and as we also understood his purpose of being there on the top was like an oasis in the desert. Believe me when I say this, this man is a messiah and the gods are here when I say this as this trek would be incomplete without the resources here. For the trekkers who visit and find food here, the water that you drink from the running stream is pure nectar. As the evening slowly started to sink in, the clouds gathered and it started to rain heavily, full of thunder this was the last thing which I hoped would not ruin our aspirations the next day. We had a hearty dinner and I will never forget the home-made pickles, we slept like true nomads laughing me hearties before with our companions. Thoughts accumulated overnight to wake up early and start with much-needed energy.



We woke up at 4:45 am next and finished the morning activities, at the base camp we met our friends and took the first few steps towards forest office at around 6:00 am. The officer took our details and collected a nominal trek amount of INR 200/= each, also we h gave him our address and contact details. Doing that all of us were pumped up and when I saw the mind-blowing view in front of us, one question remained as if the mountains were asking “CAN YOU TAME US”? I replied with much ado “with your permission ye mighty, allow me to walk on your trails and let me be one with you today”.

In the next one hour we climbed slowly and kept the pace with the group, Vivek was ahead of me and I was the tail of pack. I am a slow bird who takes time to reach the summit, the enthusiasm of the young boys kept me on and Vivek always waited for me until I covered the distance. We would take small sips of water here and there, regain our momentum and move one. At around 7:30 am we reached Kallu Mantapa ( Stone Platform), we gave enough break until all the guys gathered and had some chocolate bars and biscuits to eat to revitalize.  We started again at 8:00 am and kept walking and walking, the trail went up and down. Sometimes steep up and at times way too down, sometimes steering out with steep drops, it was also flat and then we gained a lot of altitude also. We cut across mountains and then at one moment we matched the flight of the birds, we were so high and could see from the distance the trail where we had started. Everything looked so miniscule and it was only me and Vivek now trekking as the boys moved ahead of us but we could still hear their voices whenever we let a shout out as that was the way we made ourselves sure of being on the right way.

We were at great heights and we saw the clouds moving in and within no time the mists gathered around us – it was so magical, I wanted to show this to my family and let them know what we experienced. We walked and then suddenly descended into a green canopy of forest which smelt of the moss and the raw timber, I am proud my place is so beautiful. We walked under the canopy of green forests with the streams running beside with gurgling waters of joy and we drank that sweet water like the most essential need of our lives. We walked to the end of forest with snails walking beside us and the lovely audio that nature was offering. We reached the end of forest and the boys were not to be seen, we saw the stream of water running down from the rocks and we looked at each other as we found the trail ended abruptly there.

We then climbed up the rocks and reached on top to be clueless, we walked left and right and found no way ahead. We called out to our friends and thought they would respond, but they could not hear us. We stayed there for a good twenty minutes checking and exploring for a small trail or opening, finally vivek slowly crawled beside the stream and squeezed himself under the green shrubs. I followed him slowly and then we came into an opening of a big rock and saw no one there. We were a bit disappointed and Vivek said lets head back, I told as we are here lets walk till the summit and head back.

As I saw a flag swaying in the breeze we reached and Vivek smiled, that was the peak. Yes my joy knew no bounds I exclaimed, shouted in excitement, clapped my hands for good few minutes, shook hands with Vivek and then we heard the boys call us. There they were behind the green cover taking snaps, someone thought I would not make it. I am so glad to change their views and most of all what I achieved is something that will remain in my heart for a long time to come. We exchanged pleasantries and took pictures, the boys took another route to head back and we took the same.

On the way back we dreamt of the lunch we could have and all the wonderful food that’s actually available in the universe. We reached base camp at 2:15 pm, had lunch at bhattramane. We thanked Mr Bhattru and he charged us very nominally, bid good-bye to him and then started to descend again. We reached the roads and out of forest at 6:15pm in the evening, we reached our hotel to get fresh. A quick visit to the temple and then the train chugged slowly into the Kengeri station. All this while I lay disconnected from the network and I loved every bit of it, I thanked Vivek for bringing this up and now I will look forward to the next.

Mountains calling man, Heard it! Been there! Done it!

PS: We also saw a champion stray dog who walks with the trekkers all the way up and down the entire trail absolutely charging only love and compassion. For the whole two days within a span of 12 hours she was up the peak twice, here is her for you



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Don’t Snowball


Sometimes you never learn until you accidentally find it, and you realise how wrong you have been all these days for the right thing to happen. Life has more to it than the good cubicle which devours the time of your life. There is more purpose to life than just the waiting game of success and chase.


The Good Old Letter Box

Look what have we done to the extent that today he is just waiting for people to drop in front of him and push the letter of message. Once upon a time he gladly used  to accept the message and carry it to your dearest souls sharing your emotions, well this must be amnesia now and I would honestly be very glad if you release an exclamation and say, “Hey!! one of these lies in the corner of our well known street”. Okay, so why don’t you pay respect to Mr. Letterbox who has been waiting into timeless.


Faith is on the other side

I have always wondered what is the difference between faith, belief and trust. I always tried to open the door across and pondered at the questions and the truth is I never do really know even today, for faith is to trust, trust is to firmly believe, belief is to trust and have faith. Okay, it may be a bit confusing but do not snowball this moment or me into your thoughts. Life is a learning process and I would be a student always trying to find my answers also meanwhile when I say “do not snowball me”, you hardly know anyone by their nature so take time to understand and do not pass your opinion.



The journey will never end until you want it to, the juggernaut has to balance on all the wheels. It has to be pulled with grace and do not challenge it for all that takes to tumble down is giving up on the balance. I love my life and  I am just a speck in the existence of this universe, I have a desire to know people and though the world will live tomorrow and after it is not late to make a start.

To the people who seem to wait like me for sharing a handshake, please pen your opinion as It does matter a lot. So long until next and by the way I am happiest for embarking soon into a beautiful new role.

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<a href=””>Elemental</a&gt;


It’s been really long seeing through this window, the work and the travelling has made me a bit lazy. Things have slowed down a bit, to make time for simple things is to schedule a task now.

However the positive is that I received a new gear from my wife and this is actually the first shot on wordpress, I think this flower was saying “hello – is it you looking at me?” on that rainy day when I clicked the photo.

I will add that the spiritual side of  flower is represented by white, what should I understand about the violet spots on the petals of the flower. I would love to watch how these small violet spots slowly submerged  and converged onto the petal, made it’s way up. These add to the tone and a flower which might be only around 3 cm’s in enirety has so much meaning.

Everything has a definite purpose, the complete and incomplete and only then the meaning is defined.

If you have any comments to share please feel free to share.




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Run like a …

I return today to share my experience today and must say for the first time I participated in a marathon. A public event eluded my participation for long, but when I witnessed the people running with so much of vibrancy and enthusiasm it did not take me long to get involved. The annual marathon which is held at Bangalore every year by TCS and other sponsorers has done a good job by getting people, old and young on a robust platform that is very challenging and as well as entertaining.

If not for the rich heritage of Bangalore the people would not have got together and come so far that too on a sunday morning. Personally I felt accomplished to run and challenge myself, I was not able to do the full monty  (10 Km) though. I ran 6km straight as the registrations for 10 Km had closed down prior to my attention, maybe next year Iwill beat my best this year.

The people ran for a cause, they ran motivated, they ran cheering, they ran happy, thay ran lucky like children with basket full of joy and in the end claimed their stance which they are going to be proud of for time to come. No run is similar and you need to understand the mechanics of your body for not to push too hard and not to speed. I was stressed under emotions, but this run has unhooked me and for sometime I havn’t been me. Now it is time, have got to get back and channel those mannerisms again.

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Blue Koi

<a href="">Earth</a>



Against all the odds is everyone’s survival, nature and mother earth have been so compassionate to us. We have left nothing unturned to fall short of exploiting the natural resources to the maximum and yet man doesn’t want to stop.

With so much of tree felling activities the rain gods have turned away and we are already bearing the brunt, listen it’s already not late. Learn to make mandatory small changes in yourself to preserve this nature for the future, remember not to point out where others are failing but start to correct yourself.
The image above relates to the elements of life, the colors are on the canvas but essentially it has to be in and around out daily lives. With your small change we can do a bit more for the generation and let me close by saying you have to be like never stopping small Blue Koi.
“Ever since that day, any fish that, like the little Koi, has the strength, courage and perseverance to go against the current and overcome difficulties, is rewarded by
being transformed into a beautiful Dragon Fish”.
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Pablo in Dhatrivana

<a href=””>Security</a&gt;

I love colors and I love to paint, but I feel my imagination is just semi powerful to paint and not a regular. Last week I had been to a resort on the outskirts of city along with my mother, I was longing for a break and my mother questioned me if I would join her and a group of Yoga practitioners for a day long outing. Initially I had apprehensions as losing out on the rest day but then I did not regret it.

The place we visited was “Dhatrivana”, the name sounded curious and I wanted to know what this place offered to us. We started early at 7 am in the morning, while the ladies were all jubilant and started singing in the bus which put me to a nice and pleasant sleep. I woke up to see ourselves in front of a Lord Anjaneya temple and paid my obeisance to him. I was feeling totally fresh away from the chaos of city with lush green cover and the fragrance of raw timber totally rejuvenated every bit of life.


Welcome – Man & Woman

As we reached Dhatrivana the above visual greeted us and we found ourselves in a old village house with around 5 acres of green plantation which comprised of Areca, Coconut and Mango Grooves. The best thing we enjoyed here was the breakfast and lunch served here,  would really add that I have tasted one of the best food in my life. I cannot explain the menu, though I am a foodie but do not have knowledge about the ingredients but I would really highlight that if you love South Indian delicacies then this is the place for you to explore and savor.


Green Cover

The day was well spent with few external activities and it was fun to get involved with my mother and play, I recalled how my mother saw me growing up and also the first few days when I scribbled numbers. She was my first teacher who made sure I learn something and that has to be perfect, it all looks so beautiful and I thanked god that he gave me this beautiful day again.

And I Quote – “My mother said to me , If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope. Instead, I was a painter and became Picasso.” – Pablo Picasso

My mother and father both of them equally painted this life for me and where does this put this in the challenge, what else you need for security? A family is all that needs to be secured and powerful.

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<a href=””>A Good Match</a>


When eyes meet eyes and hearts meet hearts, it is a match

When the sea kisses the sky and the sky skirmishes the sea, it is a match

When the sun touches the horizon and the horizon liberates the sun, it is a match

Happily married 25 Years ago, they had a very big garland of fresh red roses around the couples shoulders. It was their 25th anniversary today and the whole family was around them wishing and enjoying their time.

When I looked at uncle Nagraj, I thought he never looked different and he brought back those memories when he rode his Classic Yezdi Road king in our neighboring house.

In the convention hall a small LCD screen was showing their jovial memories from 25 years ago and I felt a pinch to realize that time swept away  so soon, nevertheless we witnessed those seasons too.

I went on top of the dais to wish the couple and wished Shoba aunty & Nagraj uncle happy times ahead.

Couples are precious and when you have something precious in life, you do not let it go. You do not forget to respect the match, Ah it’s a match.

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<a href="">Against the Odds</a>



Chase the light

A man’s greatest insecurity is his fear, if your belief in survival has changed into a threat perception then you might head in a downward spiral.

There you can see at the light at other end, the choice is again yours if it has to be your doom. How will you conquer your fear? Raise your hands and surrender or clench you fist and punch.

Running against all the odds and waking up to the challenges has to be your master key, Get Ready!!!

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Juxtaposition – The Path

<a href="">Path</a>


One at a time – @Mekedatu

Sitting inside my room and recalling the 2016 that has gone by, It has been a fantastic experience upfront professionally and personally. It’s Christmas time and everything is shining, white and cold but inadvertently everyone likes this festive season the most. Sharing a cup of hot coffee with family in the early morning and evenings is a jubilant time, wouldn’t you agree?


Waiting at IISC – “Grasshopper”

I remember somebody passed on to me a ball point pen long ago and told me if I write with it all my competitive exams would be good. I believed so much that it worked and after that period I had a penchant for people giving me pens, I wouldn’t ask one but when someone gifted me a pen I automatically elevated it to the belief of my success. Years have passed and many pens have changed but still a few remain special and locked. What your belief and guts can do is really magical and don’t let it sleep, keep kicking yourself and get that iron butt to set things straight.


Be Calm

It seems when you swim against the current, the rising waters bring out the best of the abilities in you. I swam and out in the deep blues I found my anchor, there is plenty to do and nothing is finished. I have few moments to share here from this year that is slowly about to dissolve into the timeless, 2016 I will miss you and thank you to all the people who have constantly been a motivation to present the best.


Formless, Yet cut through Rocks




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Baby, Go Relax

<a href=””>Relax</a&gt;


When I saw the caption of this weeks challenge, I am able to recall a dialogue in Italian Job which was like “Baby, Go Relax”. If you have watched the movie, it’s a very good entertainer with some high speed car chase and a grand heist.

I have handpicked few moments from my collection where I will co-relate with the theme. These are exceptional and though it will be an herculean task to filter the whole diary, nevertheless these moments were hay under the sunshine.

I love animals and currently our home is a home to five felines, they come and go to grab the grub. These kittens look a bit grown, however they were like these a few weeks ago and don’t you agree how relaxed they are in arms.

The year is coming to a end and overall it has been a very tremendous timing, awaiting for many more.

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