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When eyes meet eyes and hearts meet hearts, it is a match

When the sea kisses the sky and the sky skirmishes the sea, it is a match

When the sun touches the horizon and the horizon liberates the sun, it is a match

Happily married 25 Years ago, they had a very big garland of fresh red roses around the couples shoulders. It was their 25th anniversary today and the whole family was around them wishing and enjoying their time.

When I looked at uncle Nagraj, I thought he never looked different and he brought back those memories when he rode his Classic Yezdi Road king in our neighboring house.

In the convention hall a small LCD screen was showing their jovial memories from 25 years ago and I felt a pinch to realize that time swept away  so soon, nevertheless we witnessed those seasons too.

I went on top of the dais to wish the couple and wished Shoba aunty & Nagraj uncle happy times ahead.

Couples are precious and when you have something precious in life, you do not let it go. You do not forget to respect the match, Ah it’s a match.

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<a href="">Against the Odds</a>



Chase the light

A man’s greatest insecurity is his fear, if your belief in survival has changed into a threat perception then you might head in a downward spiral.

There you can see at the light at other end, the choice is again yours if it has to be your doom. How will you conquer your fear? Raise your hands and surrender or clench you fist and punch.

Running against all the odds and waking up to the challenges has to be your master key, Get Ready!!!

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Juxtaposition – The Path

<a href="">Path</a>


One at a time – @Mekedatu

Sitting inside my room and recalling the 2016 that has gone by, It has been a fantastic experience upfront professionally and personally. It’s Christmas time and everything is shining, white and cold but inadvertently everyone likes this festive season the most. Sharing a cup of hot coffee with family in the early morning and evenings is a jubilant time, wouldn’t you agree?


Waiting at IISC – “Grasshopper”

I remember somebody passed on to me a ball point pen long ago and told me if I write with it all my competitive exams would be good. I believed so much that it worked and after that period I had a penchant for people giving me pens, I wouldn’t ask one but when someone gifted me a pen I automatically elevated it to the belief of my success. Years have passed and many pens have changed but still a few remain special and locked. What your belief and guts can do is really magical and don’t let it sleep, keep kicking yourself and get that iron butt to set things straight.


Be Calm

It seems when you swim against the current, the rising waters bring out the best of the abilities in you. I swam and out in the deep blues I found my anchor, there is plenty to do and nothing is finished. I have few moments to share here from this year that is slowly about to dissolve into the timeless, 2016 I will miss you and thank you to all the people who have constantly been a motivation to present the best.


Formless, Yet cut through Rocks




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Baby, Go Relax

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When I saw the caption of this weeks challenge, I am able to recall a dialogue in Italian Job which was like “Baby, Go Relax”. If you have watched the movie, it’s a very good entertainer with some high speed car chase and a grand heist.

I have handpicked few moments from my collection where I will co-relate with the theme. These are exceptional and though it will be an herculean task to filter the whole diary, nevertheless these moments were hay under the sunshine.

I love animals and currently our home is a home to five felines, they come and go to grab the grub. These kittens look a bit grown, however they were like these a few weeks ago and don’t you agree how relaxed they are in arms.

The year is coming to a end and overall it has been a very tremendous timing, awaiting for many more.

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Thunder on Tarmac

<a href=””>It’s Not This Time of Year Without…</a>


One of the highlights of this year has been my ride to the Royal Enfield event at Coorg.        I am not a hardcore rider, but when it comes to riding on long tarmac I very much disciplined and enjoy it to the most. Over the last 6 years Benaka has never disappointed me and he gives me that extra thunder to ride him to new places always.

Meeting new people who share the same enthusiasm as you in such events is the factor which you look out for, you meet some really good bikers who can give you some real good tips – be it modification on bikes or riding techniques. All of us have a channel where we feel the freedom and it is second to none, the weak man will always be confined within his limits trying to dominate the strong and this space is not for the faint hearted.

Benaka is waiting to belt the long tarmac again and we will end this year on a high!!!


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Hi, I am Super-Moon

<a href=””>Tiny</a&gt;



Super-moon 13 November 2016

My fantasies have no limits when I watch the limitless night sky, a longtime eluding dream is to watch the space with millions of stars and able to photograph it.

A super cosmic object the moon looks so tiny from our land, I have captured this image through a small digital camera and it does not have a powerful focus but has helped to record the celestial moment.

Maybe that perfect shot is still waiting for a new rising.

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<a href="">Chaos</a>

When we were in Delhi long ago and I would not know how to tie my shoe laces, that was a very complicated time in the morning and my father would address me how to tie the knot. It’s wonderful how as a child you try to learn from the environment around you, today when I recall those moments one more pleasant time was my mother feeding me dinner in the night. The dinner would close with a handful of curd rice with a pinch of salt and pickles which is a taste only the South Indian’s relish the most, when i would be full to the brim my mother would say “Innondu” which means one more morsel and who could refuse that morsel from the mother.

Cut to today and reaching office in the chaotic traffic is an enormous task, the nutheads who do not respect road rules add to these woes of chaos more. However, you need to be patient and have sane head always to do everything as you wish. My images would not relate to the scene of chaos today just because I want to spread a message of being positive, last week I celebrated the festival of lights in my native place and it was a very memorable time with the extended family.

I want to close with this word “Innondu” continues even today, whenever you feel that you had it enough with a situation. You should stop, believe and breathe to receive…

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“Deekay” – –

<a href=””>Shine</a&gt;

Memories come back, what doesn’t come back are the situations those memories hold. You want to keep the good one’s and you try to forget the bad one’s, in reality you should really try to overcome the bad memories as it will strengthen your core values. Few years ago things were really easy and it did not need much effort to give up  and enjoy those weekends full of divine leisure.


Raining up in the Mountains

Today times have straightened up, I will not crib that those times of past are not here anymore but life has taken a more crucial turn and now I organize serious things around my life to mobilize better.  Towards the broader perspective it is more important to be up with the sun and keep running towards a new challenge. I want to highlight the fact that when you feel challenged and you delve into yourself with more passion the only challenger you have to beat is yourself.


Dear Friend

Look at the rising sun and see what he has to offer, look at the people and gain every bit of that knowledge from them. I would say if you have to learn you would learn it also from an animal who is unconditional when you offer your care for them. One of the moments I really miss now is our pet who left us 5 years ago  and crossed the golden rainbow, I really mean it when I say he did made a big impact in our lives and wherever he is I think he connects to us somewhere.

I am full of passion when it comes to things which I want to do for myself and for the people who believe in me and my family has always been there in the front to support and motivate, then apart from my family there have been my friends who have inspired “Deekay” to be always to be on top. A special thanks to all my dear friends and be it black or be it white, this life would have been a bit less colorful without you guys.



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Word Forever

<a href=””>Here and Now</a>


The Immortal Tree

Everyone has a story to sing in this life and if you are one of those who have taken the long road which were full of challenges, when you reach that high note there is no doubt you will love how you arrived there. I take a moment to bow at you people who agree with me over this.

This photo is showing you a fossil of a tree which is around 2000 years old, and I wonder If it would have the power to speak then she would have told us what happened past her in this millennium.



I want to see Aboslem on top

My childhood was full of excitement and I loved reading fantasy books, even today I would love to meet goblins, elves, wizards and witches. I would love to open the door under a big tree which would lead me to a endless journey of merriment and fun. Maybe on the road I might see the big giant spinning endless cones of cotton candies and sweets.

Why not believe? I would really love to see the world upside down.



Want to quote Machiavelli ” The promise given was a necessity of the past, the word broken is a necessity of the present”.

If you make a commitment please stand by it and do not fool yourself, the people around you are more precious than the pleasures of life.

You will earn a ton or someone may owe you a ton, but try to remember the values a person may have sacrificed for you.It might be easy to break a moment which will be the only thing you might want to cherish again.


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To the Edge & Back

<a href=””>Edge</a&gt;


It has been more than two long months since my previous post and for the first time in as many years I have taken a break from blogging. I had a hectic schedule travelling to different places and also winding up few things on the professional front.

Saying that I am really pleased that the Gods have smiled down on all of us, after 20 long years we were able to pay a visit to our ancestral deity and it is so curious to me as how our roots traced back to Goa.

Yes, Goa is a party paradise but there is another face of Goa which is full of divinity and serenity. Though we had only 72 hours with us and the main purpose for us was to complete some religious duties, next time we promise to look into more of this exquisite destination.

My point of view has been a short trip to Goa and they got captured here, the quality of Images may not be great as I have not yet got a SLR, but that’s on my agenda now.

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