It’s all Up here


As 2017 is ending there is anguish of not realising the quintessential goals, there seems a bit of uneasiness in not getting the incomplete work done. Time has flown and it does not seem to be the same like it was, at times it has been hectic and I must admit that this is not easy.

The Spirited

When you say “Enjoy Life” – you have to breathe more of life, being occupied and unable to do the simple things in life is unimpressive. I have been able to write very few times and looking behind I also realise that there has been no significant impovement on the front for sacrificing the time which could have been well spent.

All of us are inspired in someway or the other and I have been carved out of the stories of my parents, they have sacrificed like every parent does and have made this life worth while. I muster and pray for enough courage for doing my bit in this evening, for example I walk past a man on the road everyday who irons cloths for his living. He has migrated from a neighboring state and settled here, his wife lends him a helping hand and together they are supporting their daughter’s education. They have no security in life or the work they have undertaken, but day after day they have to do the same chorus to be secure. The bone of contention is sometimes despite being on the other side our minds are not calm, they are continuously raking up which are not privy for us.

Talk about spirits and I know where it lies, my mind is elated when I achieve and that story of my parents shall not be compromised with someone who cannot ascend and understand. It’s all in the head where all that happens, you should ascend.

In the end when you know there is a storm, it looks all thunder and lights, but remember my friend it is that mushroom which sprouts and ascends when the lightning strikes. It ascends, it rises, it grows.

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