The Joys of Id

Wow baby!! Id Mubarak. I love this festival and for the first time in so many years i have been missing the feast at my friend’s place.

At the time of studying in manipal we used to visit many a places of my friend’s on this day. The enormous celebrations would start after the moon was spotted on the previous night, at dawn i use to witness children in bright clothes all decked up for their Id prayers to be at the mosque.

The coastal area of Karnataka which is my state, belongs to a different clan of Muslims called the Beary’s  who were basically traders migrated from the east over a period of time. They speak Mulberry dialect of Urdu and it is very interesting and fascinating to learn that language.

The best biryani, the best sea food and the best hospitality in the world. What else would you require, happiness is all around. If you have missed the feast of Id, then you have missed a grand celebration of love. I pray May Allah keep us all happy and Eid Ul Fitr to the young and the old.


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