My Friend — I have a “PROPOSAL” for you

It is an electromagnetic feeling today and a systematic change is going to take place. The interviews are over, the mutual consents are completed, an auspicious time is set and while I sit and look at the piece of craft in my hands. An intricate work done in the yellow metal and the millions of cells are sending tiny information’s of happiness to my brain. … Continue reading My Friend — I have a “PROPOSAL” for you

Circa 2015 – Why would you say “Magnetic Attraction”

Circa 2015 turns out to be very special and I am delighted, in build up to the Indian marriage that is bound to take place very soon. We see the girl and exchanged pleasantries, and a formal introduction which has been worth more than a wait. It is a very positive illustration of what happens when couples meet to match, you should not forget the … Continue reading Circa 2015 – Why would you say “Magnetic Attraction”

Once in a Lifetime

December 2014 coming to an end, a year that served more than I asked for. Few things very tough and somethings tackled with grace. Coming back to the marriage scenario, in the last three weeks that have gone by I witnessed four different marriages. I haven’t got a chance to attend marriages like these back to back since “Marriages are made in Heaven”. The first … Continue reading Once in a Lifetime

Rapture — A pleasure in Waiting

The Indian marriage alliance for would be brides and grooms is very complicated. There are a lot of things which come into picture while selecting a suitable partner. While I am on the lookout from quite a while now, it takes more than a sincere effort to please the people all around you. I consider people really lucky whose search ends even before they start. … Continue reading Rapture — A pleasure in Waiting