Run like a …

I return today to share my experience today and must say for the first time I participated in a marathon. A public event eluded my participation for long, but when I witnessed the people running with so much of vibrancy and enthusiasm it did not take me long to get involved. The annual marathon which is held at Bangalore every year by TCS and other sponsorers has done a good job by getting people, old and young on a robust platform that is very challenging and as well as entertaining.

If not for the rich heritage of Bangalore the people would not have got together and come so far that too on a sunday morning. Personally I felt accomplished to run and challenge myself, I was not able to do the full monty  (10 Km) though. I ran 6km straight as the registrations for 10 Km had closed down prior to my attention, maybe next year Iwill beat my best this year.

The people ran for a cause, they ran motivated, they ran cheering, they ran happy, thay ran lucky like children with basket full of joy and in the end claimed their stance which they are going to be proud of for time to come. No run is similar and you need to understand the mechanics of your body for not to push too hard and not to speed. I was stressed under emotions, but this run has unhooked me and for sometime I havn’t been me. Now it is time, have got to get back and channel those mannerisms again.

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