Blue Koi



Against all the odds is everyone’s survival, nature and mother earth have been so compassionate to us. We have left nothing unturned to fall short of exploiting the natural resources to the maximum and yet man doesn’t want to stop.

With so much of tree felling activities the rain gods have turned away and we are already bearing the brunt, listen it’s already not late. Learn to make mandatory small changes in yourself to preserve this nature for the future, remember not to point out where others are failing but start to correct yourself.
The image above relates to the elements of life, the colors are on the canvas but essentially it has to be in and around out daily lives. With your small change we can do a bit more for the generation and let me close by saying you have to be like never stopping small Blue Koi.
“Ever since that day, any fish that, like the little Koi, has the strength, courage and perseverance to go against the current and overcome difficulties, is rewarded by
being transformed into a beautiful Dragon Fish”.

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