<a href="">Chaos</a>

When we were in Delhi long ago and I would not know how to tie my shoe laces, that was a very complicated time in the morning and my father would address me how to tie the knot. It’s wonderful how as a child you try to learn from the environment around you, today when I recall those moments one more pleasant time was my mother feeding me dinner in the night. The dinner would close with a handful of curd rice with a pinch of salt and pickles which is a taste only the South Indian’s relish the most, when i would be full to the brim my mother would say “Innondu” which means one more morsel and who could refuse that morsel from the mother.

Cut to today and reaching office in the chaotic traffic is an enormous task, the nutheads who do not respect road rules add to these woes of chaos more. However, you need to be patient and have sane head always to do everything as you wish. My images would not relate to the scene of chaos today just because I want to spread a message of being positive, last week I celebrated the festival of lights in my native place and it was a very memorable time with the extended family.

I want to close with this word “Innondu” continues even today, whenever you feel that you had it enough with a situation. You should stop, believe and breathe to receive…


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