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Memories come back, what doesn’t come back are the situations those memories hold. You want to keep the good one’s and you try to forget the bad one’s, in reality you should really try to overcome the bad memories as it will strengthen your core values. Few years ago things were really easy and it did not need much effort to give up  and enjoy those weekends full of divine leisure.

Raining up in the Mountains

Today times have straightened up, I will not crib that those times of past are not here anymore but life has taken a more crucial turn and now I organize serious things around my life to mobilize better.  Towards the broader perspective it is more important to be up with the sun and keep running towards a new challenge. I want to highlight the fact that when you feel challenged and you delve into yourself with more passion the only challenger you have to beat is yourself.

Dear Friend

Look at the rising sun and see what he has to offer, look at the people and gain every bit of that knowledge from them. I would say if you have to learn you would learn it also from an animal who is unconditional when you offer your care for them. One of the moments I really miss now is our pet who left us 5 years ago  and crossed the golden rainbow, I really mean it when I say he did made a big impact in our lives and wherever he is I think he connects to us somewhere.

I am full of passion when it comes to things which I want to do for myself and for the people who believe in me and my family has always been there in the front to support and motivate, then apart from my family there have been my friends who have inspired “Deekay” to be always to be on top. A special thanks to all my dear friends and be it black or be it white, this life would have been a bit less colorful without you guys.


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