To the Edge & Back

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It has been more than two long months since my previous post and for the first time in as many years I have taken a break from blogging. I had a hectic schedule travelling to different places and also winding up few things on the professional front.

Saying that I am really pleased that the Gods have smiled down on all of us, after 20 long years we were able to pay a visit to our ancestral deity and it is so curious to me as how our roots traced back to Goa.

Yes, Goa is a party paradise but there is another face of Goa which is full of divinity and serenity. Though we had only 72 hours with us and the main purpose for us was to complete some religious duties, next time we promise to look into more of this exquisite destination.

My point of view has been a short trip to Goa and they got captured here, the quality of Images may not be great as I have not yet got a SLR, but that’s on my agenda now.


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