Freedom is Escapade

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I kept on looking at my watch until the minute hand touched twenty minutes past seven on the morning of 25th June, I geared up my saddle bags on the bike, the tank was filled to the brim, the bike was checked for its flaws and set for the ride. As usual my mother was looking at me with concern, my father was smiling from the balcony and while my mother slowly mentioned ride with caution and that got registered. I pushed my bike out of the gate and with the right leg waist high gently pushed the kicker once, the needle in the ammeter fluctuated in the middle and indicated battery charged man, one more gentle kick, the compression’s and combustion’s  fired Benakas thumps.

Benaka at Kokeri

I was riding to the event organized by the Royal Enfield at Kokeri, Coorg for all enthusiastic bikers and the lid earned the first decal of this marquee ride which is something special and I will always remember. As I rode on the highway from Bangalore towards Mysore I came across many other riders heading towards the same destination, though I was riding alone. When I reached the outskirts of Mysore the company grew,i saw the whole gang saddled up and waiting to hit the roads. They had gathered so that the rest could join with all the cruisers, cafe racers, classics, Thunderbird’s and the new Himalayan’s were all there with their crusaders for the voyage. It might be a bit exaggerating to describe it in this manner but this is indeed the reality.

Of all the chivalry that you would come across in your life, take a note of a rider when you come across and see what he adorns, see what it takes to be a rider. To ride on a bike and travel along needs some discipline and guts, its not about speed, it’s the man who bikes. Saying all this we started in the afternoon at 12:00 pm towards coorg, I would like to tell you that if you believe that nature is mother then you will see her in exuberance at coorg. The valley of Coorg is so beautiful, the landscapes, the mountains, the people, the forest cover, the ambiance, the food and the list goes on. Every time I visit here, I see a new place and do not get disappointed at all of seeing something which i have already done and I vow to come back again.

The stretch between Hunsur and Gonikoppal goes through a reserve forest and is one of the best scenic routes to ride on a bike. After all the roads that wind up and down, curve in and out, the thrill of riding along the next stretch is just fantastic. It started to rain and the down pour was a bit heavy enough to drench us, with few pit stops we made it to our paradise at four in the evening. The majestic hills of Tadiandamol welcomed my sight, it was a stunning visual and immediately the hands reached out for the camera.

Jungle Mount Camp

The riders were all exhausted but not the spirits, a quick registration followed and everyone was allotted their tent in the outdoor. It was to be shared by two each, a few pegged their own tents and looking at the procedure I just thought of getting one on my next ride. After getting to know the neighbors and others the food followed us, the gibberish talks started, their was laughter and fun everywhere. The party lasted deep in the middle of the night and that was something which never ended too.

El Loco Bulleteer

The next day we had some off-roading event to ride those burly bikes in the slush, few brave-hearts completed the challenge of doing it. You can partner with anyone and everyone, like the trust that builds between the road and the rider. You create partnerships to last, when you take a walk down the memory such special moments will lighten you up. When you partner someone, you exchange ideas, you exchange smiles, you exchange life and it is the memories of these beautiful people which will be limitless. I did my part and will continue to do so, until next time.

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