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According to me art plays a very important role in knowing the history of a place, to preserve it forever requires pure devotion. I came across this beautiful sculpture last week when I  visited the city of Vadodara and it belongs to the 5th Century A.D. What created an impact is the sculpture looks the same whenyou see it from behind, it’s an exact symmetry inch by inch.

As i always say, when you want to create a substantial form out of a rock you need pure devoted hands and a soul which relentlessly essyas its work day in and day out. I hope you all like it and please protect your national heritage sites.


10 thoughts on “Shiva

  1. There is also a statue in CERN (Geneva) of Shiva performing his cosmic dance. Coincidentally, I also posted about the importance of keeping a world heritage site pure, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.


      1. Actually I wasn’t able to witness it when I visited of my regrets. It’s located in an internal area, not so easy for visitors to get to. But I suppose the scientists who work there view Shiva everyday.


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