Nature @ Mekedatu

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Right above this article is my attempt towards  poetry,  what I want to convey is you never give up on life come whatsoever. Life offers you so many challenges and you be ready for it. You go to be as gentle as the water that flows between the mighty boulders, can you imagine when in rapids you learn how to deal with the rough waters not the strong boulders.

You got to be that lone single tree on top of the mountain which every one aims to reach, be it rains or sun you never back down. You have to know even though there is no one around you, you have the strength to be there and stay there.

The above snapshots are from my ride on good Friday to mekedatu at Kanakpura and 106 clicks away from the city of Bengaluru, as mighty as the Jesus who taught me “Oh Mother, I will make everyday as new”.


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