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While some can’t stand you, few may not like you and the others easily are judgmental about you, why do you care? Your state of mind is very fragile and is ready to be affected if you are too attached. Just let the others get a life for a change and i add that your appearance is your state of mind and if this post has started negatively it has got nothing to do with my pictures. Human behavior is not constant and it is variable from every individual and while your stay is guaranteed here, at least earn some smiles.


I was sitting inside the train satisfactorily completing a job in Gujarat, when the train enters Maharashtra I witness this beautiful river with the fishing boats parked aside. State of mind was relieved to be back home after all the work and travel.

Engineering Giant

State of mind is curious to know about the diesel powered vehicle on what amount of brake horse power is required to run this giant? Also how much amount of fuel does it consume on ignition !!!


Well every cat cannot be coby or toby, but let’s call this coby and genders apart. I was enjoying the marriage last week at Karkala and I was trying to get the attention of this feline. State of mind was trying to grab hold of the cat, but the purr was so much alert.


Trying to get a high end shot from a camera lens attached to mobile phone leads to this. State of mind is trying and eager to get a better frame  in composition always, not yet there.

Oecophylla Longinoda

State of mind knows these ants are very nasty at bites and I admire always at their hard work. The cricket sleeps while the ants burn.


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