Meeting Art

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Art is an expression of mind, a reflection of an imagination, a visual of a time. Last week I was working in Baroda which is in the state of Gujarat. Baroda is a very beautiful place and very rich in art and culture, if you take drive down the city you will see surrounded yourself with very old heritage buildings. These buildings possess an architecture from the medieval times and they are really pleasing.

The people of this city are very friendly and also the streets are filled with spicy and tangy street food. If you are food junkie and crave for it,  this might be just the place for  you and you will fall in fond of it instantly. The city wakes up very early and is active in night, you can find it very easy to travel from source to destination as it is very well connected.

Now coming to the subject, after my work ends in Baroda I had decided to spend time by doing some sightseeing. So, as decided I visited the Lakshmi Vilas Palace which belonged to the erstwhile King- Sayyaji Rao Gaekwad. You buy a ticket for 200 INR and allowed inside the palace, while photography is strictly prohibited inside the premises and you can take pictures outside the palace. You are given a headphone with audio recording as you move through the palace which announces the interesting facts and makes you understand the place and the structures.

The palace was built for two people and it took 12 years to complete it. There are so many sculptures, architectures, paintings, armory , furniture’s and other interesting things to watch dating back to the times of the Great Maratha’s. I was in awe of the surrounding and the powerful history that my country and the great king’s lived around. The palace has been very well maintained even today and so much full of life. I stood in time and just enjoyed the moment which I will treasure always. I cannot replicate art, I admire and respect it a lot and next time when you are in a place which sings your history just tune up a bit.

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