Yes, Correct – Optimistic

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When we were small boys and going to schools, you might all have noticed a small appreciation by your teachers on your work books. If you completed your home assignments correctly on time or you fared well in tests, the teacher might have put a small star or spelled “excellent” or “good” in your books. Moments like these were one’s which made me very positive and yes it boosted my confidence, made me work harder towards achieving those comments in red ink of appreciations on my book again. This was the birth of optimism in my case to an extent.

Presently this day has come a long way and I do not carry books anymore today to my teacher, but saying that the motivation and optimistic values that I inculcated long ago are having very strong roots now. To be optimistic is to do everything right, to be optimistic is to face challenges and come out unscathed.

Two days ago I was at Nasik in the state of Maharashtra on assignment. After the completion of my work I visited the birthplace of river Godavari and it is a very sacred pilgrimage center for Hindus. The world famous Kumbh mela has just completed its first leg here and has proceeded to Haridwar in the Northern India. I felt the divine touch and the vibrant power in those surroundings.

India is so beautiful and so are the values we cultivate, being theist is not to challenge in the existence of God. So, to me being motivated is to pray with a calm mind and to remember the power within me for completing any task. It is not easy to be optimistic in all situations, but it is not too difficult to be devoted and do it right. Remember that flow and focus have to go hand in hand for being optimistic.


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