Power of “Now”

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2015 has been an incredible calendar year for so many reasons, the first of them for being promoted from staying single and becoming a couple. I am happy to add that in my life I have a new character “now” who came along, she is introducing new ideas and bringing few good changes. Times are moving forward and voices with experiences are describing more stories, “now ” it is time to look at 2016 with more enthusiasm.

I like to add it up as I get to learn new everyday, I paid attention to so many things around me, listened to the queries and understood the furious, I winked and enjoyed the jokes and glowed with anger when it was needed, I learn about the personalities of new and the old that cruised, which brings to my notice about the times you should stay away or just let it go.

Reading books was a passionate affair and to re discover a subject of interest, to grasp and explore is something to look forward and ensure that the passion of fire dwells more. Yes, when I look back there have been bad days, challenges and more competitions. But, i always looked on the brighter side and lived by it. A very long time ago when I was in school and during one of the vacations  happened to attend a motivational camp.  At the camp we had an interaction with one of the greatest all time Indian cricketers who mentored us about determination, discipline and dedication. Even today his words echo in my ears and somewhere I try to correct myself to improve and be better.


Discipline is very important and it has to fruit from in, my mother Shrimati Kasturi Kamath a devoted house wife has a very beautiful habit of picking flowers from a tree two houses away. These flowers are collected by her in a small basket and offers it to the god and some are spread at the doors, I must say what a non stop activity it has been from her and dedicated indeed for our well being. This activity has been followed by her religiously from the time I can remember and what more explanation can I give about discipline because when anyone sees those flowers in the morning , it give us tremendous amount of energy and smiles. I can pin on so many things, but the power of now is taught by every moment that passes on. To me being in present and experience “now” is nurturing every moment which is very precious.

I also want to thank my father profoundly whose spirits are something which try to assimilate and emulate, the latter being a bit difficult to perfection. Thanking my younger brother who practices yoga and teaches me how to be patient, i have never been into Yoga and maybe this year it would be a good initiative to learn.

I am talking to you from here and to all I wish you a very happy new year, may your god’s smile with you and keep smiling.

PS: I would like to say pardon if any of my posts have hurt some sentiments and also you could suggest me if you have like something in particular or you could always advise me too.


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