Fotografias – Ornate

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ornate.”

  1. The White Lotus – Generally speaking  I will say that every flower is ornate and beautiful, and if you doubt it I wonder why? Last Sunday I was on my usual walk in the rich breathing space of Bangalore University, I kept walking until I came across a small cascade in which was a very beautiful white lotus flower floating in the sunshine. It brought a sudden cheer in me and as Observed there were a few others trying to capture these flowers on the lens of their phones concluding that they were indeed charming. The white lotus is very divine and if you look at the broad petals and the way it blooms nothing excels better than it. This is a visual description of the ornate flower I came across and I can picture it forever.
  2. The Miracle Church, Attur – This is a very beautiful Church standing amidst the concrete and looking at the architecture marvel it makes me wonder of the beautiful art that has come such  a long way. My day was just ending on a good note and we thought of making a sudden dash to reach the Church. Though the doors were closed and I paid my respects by going to a small wishing pond around the Church, nevertheless hoping for few miracles. Perhaps someday when I find time again I will go inside and meet the Lord. The picture detail might be low due to more brightness and I captured this on my phone.
  3. What’s Not seen –  To the rest of  world these sculptures may be just a passing thing, I would have liked to know the person who made these and how he related to these beautiful sculptures. This relic is of a Jain Tithankara and I wished to know the materials he may have used to sculpt it out, what might have taken  a lifespan to create such beauties of wonder. It matters a lot to create such a work, today when I stand and identify it with the nature around us it makes me understand a little more on how everything evolved. This is a very crucial part of the Indian Heritage and times may pass but this page will reveal more about it.
  4. Season’s Witnessed – I am sure that the sun will rise everyday in the morning and the nature will give me four beautiful seasons every year to grow. I am confident that regardless of the things around me nature will take its own course and protect us. This is mutual we have to return what she gives to us, like the sculptor who gave it back . We have a lot to learn, these sculptures have seen times fly by and what else they have not witnessed which I am not aware.
  5. Lord Bahubali – This monolith statue is a very important place of pilgrimage for the Jain’s. Now every 12 years an event called the Mahamasthaka Abhishekam takes place and people from all around the world converge here. It is a once in lifetime opportunity to witness this on a grand scale. The statue was carved out in the 14th Century and stands over 52 feet tall, I hope my statistics are right and will not reveal what is not true. Look at this monolith and he stands and watches everyone from right there.
  6. Jain temple – It belongs to the another Jain Tirthankara – Lord parashwanath and it is such a wonderful feeling to be here. It is situated around 20 km away from the rain forest Agumbe and the place is called Kundadri.  When I reached atop the feeling was fantastic with silence everywhere and also the silent wind breezing on my face with its own sweet music. I vowed to return here again as I did not get to spend much time, maybe next time I will gather some more beautiful moments.

Beginning with my description of all the subjects I have considered until now, I have made an attempt to present the importance of all the things around. It has been more than 2 years now since my association started with blogging, I want to say a special thanks to all the beautiful followers who have kept me motivating to do this. Across the boundaries and the seas regardless of any friendship with you these words created a powerful bridge to know all of you and also meet you. It is such an honor when I sit and see you all  suggest and comment about my write up. I promise to deliver more about the culture and the rich heritage we represent, saying that I wish to know more all of you so don’t stop. “PAX VOBISCUM”


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