Anything but Careful

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Careful.”

Scanning Electron Microscope - FEI

We are careful about people and their day to day activities, lest some forget their responsibilities and may overlook it. The one’s in business always are on their toes to take care of the work that they have been involved in. I work as a service engineer and it involves me very much as a person to be extremely careful of the activities, in the above image I have captured a high resolution FEI Scanning Electron Microscope installed by me at the TNAU, Coimbatore. In this context of the topic I share this moment because all instruments of this high caliber are installed with great care and to be just on the safer side the instrument cannot be tilted more than 5 degrees while moving or aligning it.

Boats at The Veli beach

Work is pleasure and pleasure is work, it carries me to different parts of our beautiful country and I always have my camera ready. The small pedaling boats are bouncing in the waters and waiting for people to hop in and enjoy the leisure at Veli, trivandrum.

 Plant of Hope

Again on a leisurely Sunday afternoon I visit  a nearby city tourist attraction around Bangalore, paying attention to the detail I looked at this very small plant growing among the dry leaves. I interpret it say the mother earth carefully allows the sapling and supports its through the wily strength it needs to grow tall.

Red Letter Box

The red letter box is a beautiful object of care, is it not? So many people used to rely on it once upon a time. The electronic age has arrived and we do not find any significant use of these, looks like a museum piece. It still does it’s job standing under the sun and rain, holds all the letters very safe to be collected by the mailman.

Sunset on the hill

The nature cares, the sun whose renewable source of energy no doubt has been reaching all forms of life always. Do you ever wonder if the nature steers away what kind of life will be supported here? We need to be careful with all the resources that we use.


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