Symbols – at the Shrine

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symbol.”

Symbols are always unique and creative, they have to present a collective. A symbol has to be always inspiring and carry a story into the future. Symbols express a strong bond between the present and the past, its ability to be identified with the mass has to be the strength of the symbol.

I have picked out a wooden cart and this cart displays the art that has been completed by maybe many artisans. When observed closely I feel that it might have been given this shape by several craftsmen coming together. This particular cart was at the temple of Shri Mookambika at Kollur and it is very small in size compared to the other carts I have seen at different temples.

The cart is a vehicle of the deity which she uses to be carried on around the temple for different rituals during the festivities. The art work is so carved in perfection that even the best sculptures of modern art will not stand a match to these is the way I feel. The symbols carved out of wood speak to us the stories of a past, the wood is the best story teller and why not as the cambium rings in the wood are the best symbols formed naturally.

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