ROY G. BIV — Watch

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “ROY G. BIV.”

I am back after a few weeks of graduation in the new setup of life. Things have changed and however the perspectives remain the same. While I actually think about the people we encounter in our life, I cannot really come to a conclusion about the confusions that evolve. Thinking about few impaired souls, talk about attaining nirvanas and counting karmas. Karma is such a profound word and you got to know its meaning before you turn into a impaired soul.

No offences, I am here after a break to face up the challenges again and I loved the topic. I have got a assorted set of photographs that I would like to relate to. Photography is a delight and no matter whether you have a high end camera or a low, the essence of the light and image always stays for the rest of your life. That moment which becomes immaterial is something you have to hold on. Life is so beautiful if you look inside and then outside, wake up.


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