In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Blur.”

Shri Krishna Matha

Just a day before my engagement on January 31st 2015, I visited the famous temple square in Udupi to seek Krishna’s blessings. I usually carry my camera and it is a very simple Kodak, I use it to capture something which catches my attention. I was walking by the pond around the temple and with the setting sun in background the temple was looking at it’s magnificent best. This image of blur shows the vivid structures of temples in the Dakshin Kannada and they have so many stories to reveal in their walls even now. The Wall of Fusion brings you a small memoir from my pack.

After looking at the blurred image my thumb pushed the button on my camera to hit delete, but I did not do that and kept it as it is. I leave it to your imagination as how this place looks, my native  town Udupi is known as the temple town and it is very calm and beautiful place in the state of Karnataka.

If you still really have curiosity as to how this place actually looks, then go to my post “Diary of February” and you can see the temple in full clarity.


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