Keep the Spirits High

It is important to focus on the lesser things in life and it is also important to do one thing at a time. For instance let me point out, when you are answering a phone call and you heard your door bell go, though you are speaking on the phone your thought is already anticipating looking out for someone at the door. You could do two things here, drop the phone aside and look who is at the door or ask someone else to look for at the door and continue speaking on the phone.

All of us are way ahead than just being busy with our lives ,jobs, to-do things in for future, planning with some insight and when something does not add up we immediately fall for the pressure. Frustration swells up and we tend to throw it at someone else. This behavior may be okay in front of known people but then it should not be a act of display in front of others who do not know a part of you. Recently the Indian team lost their place to play in the Finals of the world cup in cricket. The team really did it to the best of their ability and crossed many hurdles which I must say was exceptional display of sportsmanship spirit. The social media is full of free gifts from all kind of people, I could really sense few of them really being disheartened by the loss and many of them were using abuses and feeding internet memes of players. I think we are much more disciplined in our approach than just to degrade players who are representing our colors. If someone is too much of a patriot then stop doing these things and start to think more wisely which will not cost you more than just using your cells a bit on the other side. The freedom of Rights are to be used wisely my friends and be generous in your approach.

Enough said and done people need to co-ordinate in a team, in a environment and in a relation. Other day someone wished me that I painted it with a bold brush, well the truth is that facts are to be considered as it is. We don’t like to suppress things and what is true has to come out and be presented even if it’s a mistake done by anyone who is in power with authority. There are numerous things to be taken care of and life is very short to hold grudges against anyone. A person has to understand that being broadminded is not to just forgive, it is the art of learning to “SHUT UP” and let it go. So considering the fact that if anyone is frustrated find a big rock to yell your story rather than deploying it on every other person you come across.

As in the opening of this write up If you stay out of the conflicts in your mind, you can stay out of conflicts with else. Keep the spirits high in whatever you tend to do and the results will flow automatically. All set another month to go …


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