Vivek opened the front door of our house at 5:30 am in the morning for his daily Yoga session, and I would have slept very sound if not for him. The previous evening I had spoken to Mr Melvin Jose and had agreed to meet him at Hebbal for a breakfast ride to Lepakshi. It has been a while since Benakaa has screamed on the highways again, Lepakshi as again is a very good place to visit and not exactly a riders paradise. Nevertheless the place does not disappoint after open and clean straight highways, I had seen many pictures of lepakshi and tried to ride down a few times. Last time someone joined along but then backed out at the last moment. So, come rain or shine and whether single or a group I made sure that  the “Groom” is going to touch down Lepakshi this time for sure.

I got ready and met Mr Melvin Jose opposite to the Esteem Mall at hebbal, he works at IBM as a programmer and looked very enthusiastic to ride. I just requested that we ride within limits and at our own care to which he agreed obligingly and then the bikes were set on the highway. I enjoy to full limits when the wrist of my right hand twists the throttle and the bikes silencer pushes away some smoke makes a thumping sound on the road. The highway which we took was the one which leads to Hyderabad and it is very broad. The road is very well maintained and very fertile lands loaded with greenery on either sides of the roads are a spectacle to the eyes. The black soil is rich, very much eligible for growing grapes and we saw many a orchards laden with them. It took us a good one hour and more to reach Lepakshi, the sun was not yet on the top of us. As it was early morning there was bit of wind and the wind cheater did the good job of riding against it. I had thought otherwise of actually it holding on to me before I started from my home.

My first visual at Lepakshi was the big mighty “Bull” right beside the road. I was quite surprised to see the sculpted bull from a single rock (Monolith) to be seated away from the actual temple. On reading a bit about it at the entrance I understood something about its presence there and captured a few images in my digital camera. The “Bull” as per the Hindu mythology is known as Nandi, and he is a very ardent and devoted servant to the Lord Shiva. It is so believed that when Lord Shiva drank the poison from the sea, the poison entered his throat and disturbed him. Lord Shiva could not meditate because of the burning sensation in his throat, it was then Nandi came and sat in front of him. The cold air that Nandi exhaled from his nostrils blew away the poisonous fumes from Shiva and he went back to his meditation. Even today wherever there is a Linga you will find the bull in front of him. Shiva concentrates when Nandi is in front of him, there is more meaning to this story which will come up another day.

I reached the steps of Veerabhadra temple, what i saw then was a timeless structure frozen there. I could not take my eyes off the beautiful monument which is marked as important by the Archaeological Survey Of India. The grand temple it was and it is in a bit of ruins, but the people here have taken lot of effort to preserve the heritage , as I walked around the different pillars and captured the sculptors imagination of the Vijayanagar empire. Somewhere a sense prevails that I am one of the lucky to be there and see it with my eyes. I clicked many pictures until my battery gave away and that was a big disappointment. There were many more beautiful relics to be captured but the rest was done by my eyes.

We returned before afternoon and I will go back to lepakshi again some day to fill in the missed. Mr Melvin was a good company to ride, while he awaits in the coming month to write his GRE, I wish him all the best and maybe we will ride in the group someday. Saying that what is very important is, it’s just 45 days more to shed my bachelor life and get married. The party awaits, the bride is ready, the groom is ready, the card are being distributed, and all of you are invited.


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