A rebel always stands out among the crowd, because a rebel does not does not believe in finger-pointing and being a loud mouth. When you scale a ladder in the organisation, you have to be known for the best of your creative work. The agendas you have set have to be terminated in achieving goals. To be a rebel is not having a negative attitude in the environment, to be a rebel is to excel in your work the next day than the current progress you make.

Thinking of all the behaviors in the world, the rebels attitude is the best as he never lets down himself and there is no negative response neither a feeling of low self-esteem. To be a rebel takes a lot of strength and character, to be a rebel has to be in every ounce of energy that your system generates. The biggest qualitative asset has to be the ability to make people believe in you and convince them of the right activities. In my words a rebel is not to revolt against the system but instead it is to focus with optimum attention. It is to resonate along with the entire team and motivate others.

How many of the top class fraternity in an organization can take feedback from the freshers or the beginners. I ain’t noticed anyone yet as their ego binds them to the power that is holding them on that chair. The Senior is blind because they are always head shaking and tongue wagging without any justified ego.These are not complaints or being rebellious but I have noticed this time and again — a rule of domination over the powerless. A rebel has to call these shots and point out at the person who does not have it in him to be a leader, who is just involved in a psychological warfare.

Rebel does not involve in mind games instead he puts across his usefulness to strengthen and achieve the objective. To be a rebel is not being wrong,it is to be straight forward and bold in everything.


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