Diary of February

Promises play an important part in life and a promise fulfilled is a promise cherished. It has been a beautiful time and I have had the opportunity to be around a good number of places. A very important event has taken place in my life on February 1st 2015 and around the corner I see a lot of things which look very pleasing and that I am contend with. What matters most is the happiness on the faces of people, a smile that sinks in the people who got really close. When you meet new people and a new relation is established, everything around is with so much of enthusiasm and I witnessed it reflecting all around.

Mookambika Shrine

I make it a point to visit the temple of Shri Mookambika annually at the famous town of Kollur. The temple is renowned for its special powers in blessings and my faith is more than the explanation of words that can describe, the hills of Kodachadri cover this beautiful temple all around. En route is a scenic visual treat that will always rejuvenate and calm you down as it does me always. I think it is a blessing to visit any temple and it happens at the will of her power, if you believe in it. This place means so much special to me and I feel so good going here and there is this element you need every time for positive things to happen. If you believe your faith in the supreme can achieve things that you need then need I say anything more to describe it.

Waiting for the Moment

On the day of my nuptial engagement at Mujur I was a bit nervous and my relatives on the other side were curious, a few of them would come and look at me and talk to me with so much of happiness and respect. This special care I received was something which was happening without any focus and the feeling was very special and to be cared with so much of adulation and attention was making me ecstatic on this day. Then after some time the nerves gave away and a big family spirit was visible everywhere. What a moment it was and it has not sunk in even now, everything happened at it’s own pace and it was so much of fun and laughter around. When the rings were exchanged my heart sunk in a bit, the moment was there, the girl was blushing, the families were cheering, my best friend was watching me over, my family came around to wish me, sweets were exchanged, what a moment again. This was the moment, I closed my eyes and when i opened them again my mother and father right in front wishing and congratulating Vinay, Devru congratulations, I said “Hari Om”, thank you pappa, thank you mummy. In walked my younger brother Vivek and then my in-laws, scores of other relatives, it just started and a beautiful time that I waited with so much of gusto. Pictures went clicking and so many people emotionally wishing us and blessing us with their good hearts.

Coupling & Doubling

After a few days I then had to visit Pune on an official assignment, and I got a chance to visit the local market in there. People in Pune are very lively and one of the best things about Pune is the street food. If you are a foodie and love spicy street food you might very well don’t want to miss on Misal Pav, Pav Bhaji, Dabeli and many other various appetizers. The list is very big and after a scroll in the market I happened to visit the famous temple of Dagadusheth Ganpathi in the area of Deccan Market. This ganesha is very special and he looks very rich in his appearance and hence the name “dagadu sheth” which would mean a mighty rich in the language Marathi. I visited the Shaniwarwada fort again after a gap of 8 years, this fort belongs to the Great Maratha ruler Shivaji and  the fort still stands tall in the middle of the city with all its splendor. I purchased a few artifacts for the memory of this beautiful place from the heritage store filled it in my booty (I got a badge to wear on my sleeve with Shivaji embedded on it– psst something that I am really proud of).

While the month is coming to close I had to pack my bags and this time it was Kerala. Kerala is known as “God’s own Country” and so true to its words the place is so calm and beautiful. I visited a premier research institute to install a machine which in fact was a very proud moment and in the pages of my life it is a very big star which I Look up with a big smile. I stayed there for 3 days and enjoyed a very good hospitality by myself, enjoyed a very beautiful beach which was just a few meters away from the cottage where I stayed. Beaches are always pristine and beautiful because the sky kisses the water always. It has been a busy month and so it is going to be up next and I hope I go to more interesting places.

Veli Village


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