My Friend — I have a “PROPOSAL” for you

The Proposal
The Proposal

It is an electromagnetic feeling today and a systematic change is going to take place. The interviews are over, the mutual consents are completed, an auspicious time is set and while I sit and look at the piece of craft in my hands. An intricate work done in the yellow metal and the millions of cells are sending tiny information’s of happiness to my brain. Each of these cells are immortal in the mortal me and the process is complete.

The importance of exchanging the rings on the day of engagement, is a promise which is sacred and forever. The yellow metal creates a circle around the ring finger and as it carries the various nerves which are connected to the heart, this is the reason the ring finger is considered as the finger on which the rings are worn and adored. The light pressure on this finger’s nerve in fact improves the circulation of blood to the heart. So, gold holds good for all and it regulates the electric energy to the sacred fire of marriage for which this is a vital ingredient.


I am not going to do research on this topic and while the “Ring Day” is two days away I must admit I now commit and declare “Let the Celebrations Begin”.

The story relates to the previous post ….


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