Circa 2015 – Why would you say “Magnetic Attraction”

Wedding Band
Wedding Band

Circa 2015 turns out to be very special and I am delighted, in build up to the Indian marriage that is bound to take place very soon. We see the girl and exchanged pleasantries, and a formal introduction which has been worth more than a wait. It is a very positive illustration of what happens when couples meet to match, you should not forget the things taught to you and my heart was pumping more blood due to a bit of anxiousness. A drop of sweat that would trickle down the burrow and I adjust myself on the seat.

I stuff the grub inside my mouth and chew it away to glory while also giving the details of myself and my views on the marriage which happens only once in a lifetime. Whosoever says finding a match is very easy is will have to change their mind when the knife comes to slay my friend. It’s a long process and happy moments will follow very soon, so much of astrological calculations that come into the picture and seems strange but with more values. We match gotras, rashis, navamshas and all these require in depth knowledge of the Indian ancient astrology. With lots of patience it works and it is a formula that will work.

A series of posts that would trail this topic……


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