Once in a Lifetime

December 2014 coming to an end, a year that served more than I asked for. Few things very tough and somethings tackled with grace. Coming back to the marriage scenario, in the last three weeks that have gone by I witnessed four different marriages. I haven’t got a chance to attend marriages like these back to back since “Marriages are made in Heaven”. The first marriage was my best friend’s along with whom I studied Diploma at Manipal and we all call him Mr Gowda (our student days and hostel stays are a cherished lot), the second marriage was of a lad who stays in the neighborhood, the third was a daughter of my father’s colleague and the last wedding 4 days ago was my cousin sister’s.

So much for the good weddings and my stomach churned out and digested all the lovely food that was offered. The weddings are as you know a very special affair, everything looks pretty, the wedding houses are decorated, the people are bustling and decked up. The matter is worse the chattering never ends, the laughs are a riot, the music is a sway and the dresses are multicolored with faces enamoured. It is a sweet kind of chaos and it brings all of us united in sacrificing the individual into the holy nuptial knot.

The Indian customs, are related to the ancient rituals that have never been given up.There are a lot of customs and rituals followed before the wedding day and a lot has been commercialized now. My parents when they wed and looking at the present marriages are awestruck at the development of fancies in our cultures. Just before the wedding day the girl and the boy is smeared with a paste of turmeric in their respective houses, why? Maybe the chicken is garnished with spices before being thrown into the fire. Jokes apart, well the truth is that all the five elements in the body have to be awakened and by applying turmeric you cleanse all the negative elements in the body and also it adds a touch of glow. So all the good and close people around the “individual” who is to be wed apply a very good thick paste of turmeric. I will also not go into the detail of every thing that is done in the marriage now as it may be too hard for you all to understand and follow.

Alright, the paramount truth of the Hindu marriage is not to keep finding your partners again and again. A man stays faithful to his wife and the woman is sincere and devoted to the husband. While I witnessed more number of marriages, I do notice the emotions of the parents and especially when its the parent of a girl. The girl has to step in a new family and get accustomed to the new life around her, the parents will always be very eager and curious  to give her away to a good house where she would be taken care of very well. From the moment the baby girl would have grasped her parents hands, to the moment where the parents would grasp her hand and hand-over her to the new man in her life. Everything would pass in front of their eyes as surreal, what a life!!!

Mumbai once again mesmerised me, I would never forget a special moment where the mother held her daughter very tightly against her cheeks. The moment I wanted to capture, but I thought that moment had to stay in with me and was not to show because what I experienced was more than life. Everything conveyed without speaking, without uttering a single word, mother would just not let her daughter go and the daughter reciprocated her feelings, tears flowed down the cheeks, everyone was sad as the beloved daughter of the house was leaving to start a new life.

With the sun rise at 36000 feet, and also the sunset my friends the party has just started. With just two more weeks left for 2014 to fade away into the past I also want to add that on my monitors what you see is not what I see, there maybe a few mistakes and if there are a few I pledge for my ignorance while you can correct me.


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