Rapture — A pleasure in Waiting

The Wedding Cake -- Bring It
The Wedding Cake — Bring It

The Indian marriage alliance for would be brides and grooms is very complicated. There are a lot of things which come into picture while selecting a suitable partner. While I am on the lookout from quite a while now, it takes more than a sincere effort to please the people all around you. I consider people really lucky whose search ends even before they start. Well the demands are such that everybody needs a software hudga/hudugi (boy/girl working in a Sofware Multi National Organisation) and that leaves me at the end of line. However I do wonder whether these set of people come with an antivirus package which needs to be upgraded and renewed everyyear with its own special walls of virus detections.

So, in my case when i start looking out for a prospective bride the idea is to find an independent girl who is really smart (the latter is however an option). As every woman claims herself to be from Venus and us from Mars, they have a shocking reaction towards you sometimes if you ask them too many questions. If your initial search is clear and you like the girl, which is actually based on the photo appearance . You can then go ahead and speak to the girl, the girls are always  curious to know many things about you and would any boy please remeber to Re-phrase your question in case if you ask something to the girl and she says “I am sorry, I did not get you!! What is that you were wanting to ask??”(be careful man just don’t) .

My biological clock cycle makes me feed food to my mouth at irrevelant times and i need to keep a check on this. However this interest of me staying tight on food lies with me for a while and the idea of looking like a man with mean body and chauvinistic looks fade away very soon. While interacting with the girls auto adjust yourself to any kind of hostile environment you may receive, sometimes the girl might just stir her lemonade and not make contact with your queries which means “Mr, I think thats a bit of too much farting so why don’t you say something else”. Do not intend to ask them about what might be the idea of future when you do not what brickbats she is about to hold in the next few minutes.

Also the Indian marriage has a lot of astrological factors coming into picture and these nine palnets hold you so tight that until and unless you satisfy those buggars out there rotating under gravity, you will have no match and make no attempt to question the authority of these planets. We need a lot of imperfect things to make something perfect and i want to sit beside a beautiful woman and spend this life, though everyone is not a superhero I want my super girl.

PS: These experiences are related to me and no part is intended to hurt or relate it in any wrong manner. So kindly do not be serious and get married.


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