The Bloated Ego

Sitting in my room and while I recollect the events of the day, I think about the vagaries of life. Sometimes I come across people on the street who beg for their daily lives – they beg for money. To most of the people this money would be spent on their food, or maybe to feed their children. As passerby’s what could we do at the most, feel pity on them (they don’t need your pity) and pull  over some money digged out from your pockets and increase your good karmas. A few of them would just brush them aside and say they do not have money to spare!! Excuse Moi!! No money , come on man you will not attain Nirvana and it will not take much to be a good soul. You do not have to drop every penny in your pocket or run behind everyone who begs, just do a bit of needful for that stick. Your some bucks can buy them a meal and a smile of blessing for you on their face. Damn, don’t drop one rupee in those hands and it is 2014 not 1950 to buy you a plate full of meals.

Well its not about being too much a saint but then just be human sometimes. Generosity pays nothing, So lets say at your place of work you do all the moshi moshi things to impress your boss. Now, maybe if you have a quintessence of hint that your boss does not seem to notice the raw energy you put in your work. All you do is go “Kapoosh” and “Kaput” into strange fundamental feelings. Maybe you choke down yourself with some glasses of shots or some other cosmological creation which would make you feel a heavenly body. Anyways it is very important not to Give In and Never Give up, on yourself and also on the people around you. They may find people who better you and also who do things better than you, but they will not find people who are very beautiful in doing the good things work around you. One more thing is that beautiful people do not need attention, the moment just happens and it stays with you. Alright lets not get too philosophical here or you might get your shot glass now again.

A message, may be non ideological but do not give up on the people who are with you because they are the best and when they do it, they do it with all their might and zeal. So burst the bloated ego and enjoy life, So long.


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