Treasure – Benaka at Kodachadri


This moment is a treasure,and on 14th June 2011 I was riding to Kollur away from Udupi at 90 kms. I encountered very heavy rains and despite wearing a full face helmet the visibility was very low. I was drenched all over except for my head. The only way i saved my camera and wallet was by putting them in a sealed push to lock sachet and again put it in a bag sealed under my jacket. I wanted to visit the temple of goddess mookambika and would not stop for these rains, i saw thunderbolts and lightning all along the roads and the clouds were pitch dark and looked fearsome with those enormous thunderous sounds.

I was a bit scared but kept going and after I reached the temple the rains stopped. This photo is on the way back in the forest cover and it reminds me of that experience. The reason i feel it  is special , because despite the odds i was close to nature and did not back down and i felt a special connection.


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