Noreum Machi

It was raining yesterday evening and the bike was making its way through the traffic’s of Bangalore. Along with my younger brother I was on my way to the Good Shepherd Auditorium located at Richmond Road. Our plans for the evening was to watch a South Korean band “Noreum Machi”, which was a part of the on-going The Hindu November festival at Bangalore. It was 7:45pm and I thought to myself that a good 15 minutes was lost, but to our delight when we were entering into the arena the musicians were standing right in front of us dressed in a very traditional attire.

Noreum Machi
Noreum Machi

While I observed them from head to toe, their dress was very white and every musician had a unique turban. The turban had a long ribbon, which was swaying in air when the musicians were playing their instruments. Looked like the swaying ribbon was synchronizing every beat and the music was exploding from everywhere. They played a kind of traditional Korean music which was somewhere a bit similar to the Indian Classical Instrumetals.


The group consists of five musicians with a lone woman in the group who plays a instrument called the “Jing” which is a large gong. Mr Kim Ju Hong the lead singer of the group plays a very special double headed drum (similar to looks in Indian Mridangam) and it is called the “Jango”. The other musicians also play a very small flute and big cymbals which are quite popular in classical music. In the middle of the act the musicians came along and explained the sounds their instruments produce and beat boxed through the crowds which got everyone to the edge. Mr Kim went on to ask the crowd to repeat the beats along with him which went something like this — “Khum ta – Khum Khum ta – Khum ta – Khum Khum ta – ta ta Khum – Khum Khum Ta “. The melody was produced in the drums and at one moment in this act, three musicians played the drums together and the most beautiful thing was that only one hand hit both the sides of the drums at a very high tempo.

A good time spent was over so soon, but they came back and played a jig which was the beat of Korean Soccer. Right now when I am saying this the background score on my laptop is “Noreummachi Samulnori”. I already got their Music Diskette and I am sure if you are the one who likes traditional instruments, then you will surely go and grab your copy. A good evening and the event is in the city for few more days, I may make a visit tomorrow if I have some free time.


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