Pillars Of Time – Landscape

I have chosen this photo for a Landscape image, i do not know how it fits in the techniques as its a learning process.  The image was taken at Nandi Hills which is around 90kms away from Bangalore. I have chosen this as Pillars of time because i see that this dilapidated structure has stood tall among the vigours of nature and its structure has … Continue reading Pillars Of Time – Landscape

Ferry’s Lined Up – Moment

These ferry’s are lined up in the Harbor of Mumbai. This moment was very special since I visited this place for the first time. The ferry’s are used for transport people from Mumbai to Alibaugh and also to the world famous Elephanta caves. I was unable to enjoy the ride though as they were closing down for the day. I chose this image for the … Continue reading Ferry’s Lined Up – Moment

Light House – A marvel at Architecture

This epic light house is located at Kapu, near the town of Udupi. This iconic light house was inaugurated in 1985 and i visited here in 2012 february. I think its a marvelous architecture and very tedious as well as very challenging to construct a light house. This light house is located at a distance of 11 km from udupi at the beach of Kapu. … Continue reading Light House – A marvel at Architecture


This image would be mysterious because only the top half of the moon is visible. What lies in the other half of the hemisphere awakens my curiosity a lot. The details and clarity might not be much as this photo was shot using a basic Point to shoot camera which was mounted on a Powerseeker 60AZ (60 mm) Celestron telescope. There is no mounting accessory … Continue reading Chandra