Ulidavaru Kandante – As seen by “ME”

“Everything is done for entertainment”, dont take it seriously. These words echoed long back in my ears and while watching a movie I still follow it. One of my maternal uncle advised me to enjoy the movie and not to take it very emotionally. I like to watch good, sensible movies and those hours have to be totally entertaining. I don’t have the habit of visiting the theater regularly but my preference is watching very movies at the comforts of my home.

Ulidavaru Kandanthe

While I have had a 5 day break and its diwali, nowadays it is difficult to spend time watching movies and I had decided to make time for this particular movie as I loved the poster dialogue “Phata poster, nikla hero”. The title of the movie is “Ulidavaru Kandante” (when translated in English it would be “As seen by the rest”) and true to the title the movie plot revolves around the different versions of the stories as experienced by characters. I feel Kannada cinema has come a very long way and now this is very serious stuff which has been noticed by many different genres of movie goers.


So, the plot starts with a guy called Richi who is a local Henchman for a small time Don, the don happens to own a small fleet of trawlers at the port of Malpe (Malpe is a fishing harbor near the coastal town of Udupi). Richi is associated with two other accomplices who are his friends and his partners in crime. Richi takes up crime at a very young age by killing a man who was tormenting his best friend Raghu. On witnessing a murder Raghu is shocked by the crime committed, ditches his young friend thinking about the consequences and runs away to Mumbai. He works at a hotel as waiter and then ends up involving into illegal activities. Richi finds himself being arrested by the police and end up in a remand home for a very long time also nurtring a vengeance secretly.


A girl Regina, who grows up to like Richi and also happens to be a Journalist in futures. Richi shares a good friendhip with her but a tough nut to crack and go beyond. Richi’s father being a Priest in church, richi exhibits no elements of sympathy in him.

A small kid in the movie has very interesting name “Democracy” (– i wonder what it has got to do with India) and has him involved in the movie with a catchy song “Medicine Paper”. This song got me back those innocent memories I spent long ago.

Meanwhile Raghu who ran away years ago and returns to his native, his father has expired and he intends to meet his mother and take her to Dubai. I thought that finite cutting edge of the movie is the moment when Ratnakka (Raghus mother and enacted by senior actress Tara) meets her son Raghu, no dialogues spoken between the two. The moment mother realises it’s her son who has returned after 15 long years, the frame freezess and you will feel this sight.

What happenes in the movie has to be experienced by you  and also the movie has retained the vintage look of Temple town “Udupi” and the very famous “Huli Vesha” (Tiger Dance). Watch this movie for some other characters like Balu, Munna and Shankar. The tulu dialogues are very comic and entertaining, you also get a subtitle version if you do not know the language.

The Actor/Director Rakshit Shetty has done a fine job in just his 2nd movie and i feel this movie is Quentin Tarantino stuff. People will wake up and watch movies made by him at the edge of seat and I will wait for more quality stories.

** Long shot my friend, I am not a seasoned writer and this description is my own experience. If the language is not upto your mark, please excuse.


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