It is Always better to live with reality, because otherwise, without fail, reality will come to live with you — The Aghori

I like reading good books and one of my very favorites is the book being presented here, “Aghora -At the Left Hand of God”. A friend of mine suggested me this book way back in 2007 and when i had a glance at the book i just shut it and got the triology. This book is based on a very serious subject of Aghora, Aghora is very rigorous practice and one who masters it is a Aghori. Aghora describes about the world, it teaches you about everything in nature. It describes about the Shakti – Mother nature and as children of nature what kind of illusion binds us to this mundane world.

At The left Hand of God

It is very difficult to find a true Aghori and as the book starts, It reveals the experiences of Swami Vimalananda, and he has recited these details to his disciple Sir Robert E Svoboda and the presentation is excellent. The high point of this book is it makes a switch from Motherhood, Shiva, Life, Upanishads, Vedas, Creation and Procreation to so many untold dimensions which you will have never heard nor experienced. What you actually know about the human existence is just a super cosmic maya and what exist beyond the boundaries of your reality which needs to be experienced is Aghora.

Just think about this when the book says “Break your sleep and cut down your food”: no matter how far your mind may soar into astral regions while you are awake, once you go to sleep you erase all the benefit. Sleep is the overcoming of the mind by a blanket of dullness, sex exhausts you, food makes you more conscious and its the want of all these three binds you to this mundane existence. I am not preaching theories and this book is not totally about spirituality. You might have many theories and books about Kundalini shakti, it looks very easy for anyone to say few lines about it. In this book you will realise how the Kundalini can be awakened and what is the path to it.

Do you believe in afterlife or rnanaubandhanas which may be Karmas in another word, well the reader here will find different potentials of meanings here and your appetites will definitely be satisfied.The egos uses this body as a ballast for the mind and all of us get lost, people may loose relatives, friends, children and no one can contain these emotions because your identification with the self is the life force that is bondaged when you are released here in this world. You can definitely try to overcome these and the book does not define methods to control emotions but it describes each emotion and sentiment in a manner which it sprouts from us.

You will not be able to stop yourself from the curiosity that awakens when you read about Aghora and also will find the Triology very interesting. If you like this subject go ahead and get your copy as you have so many things yet to be realized.


5 thoughts on “It is Always better to live with reality, because otherwise, without fail, reality will come to live with you — The Aghori

  1. That’s one of my favourite quotes from the trilogy- “It is always better to live with….”. What a fascinating series. The
    seeker’s Bible.


      1. I know. I meant the Aghora trilogy by Robert E. Svoboda is for spiritual seekers what the Bible is for devout Christians.


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