The colors of Hues will tackle the ball — Game is On My Friends

The time is 9:00am in the morning here in Bangalore, India with overcast skies and temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. Today When the clock strikes 9:30pm IST today there will be 22 men in this galaxy facing each other in the macarana stadium at Brazil. The finals of the soccer world cup for this year is happening and it is skipping many a beats of hearts , many tears that are about to flow from the glands and also many a joy with happiness. Two countries there chasing their dreams within dreams and trying to bring their nation the ultimate glory in the spectacular sporting event that has everyone occupied their seat for past one month.

Even I followed football for the last one month and though I am not an avid fan I like this high intensity sport. The sport is marred by few ugly incidents but then they are all gentlemen to shake hands and forgo the misery. Imagine the plight of these men who represent their nation and uphold a billion dreams, the passion with which they play is far more superior to the game on the field that they do not have any second chance. This is adrenaline hormone peaking to the infinity with the players and the people.

The colors of two different countries are going to clash, the blue whites gauchos from the South Americas play the sweet red yellow black assassins from Germany. What a game it has to be and that moment I reckon are worth the game. Always men with Pride, Power, Prejudice, and Privilege are honored and today it will be alpha versus the beta, One way there will be a stronger team and other will be weaker. On due contrast when you size them up on paper can you differentiate or discriminate between them? Well, only few hours will decide that and it will decide who left and who was right.

Like the above sketch some rich gatos are going to bite the prawn really hard and may the best men who deserve to be on top, play to their hearts and bring laurels to the country and the people. Cheerio’s amigos.


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