Less Noise at low Frequencies

I sighed and wondered when the security personnel would come and check my belongings, So that my ordeal for the day would be over. Along with my colleague i waited as the security gates for the employees opened and the first shift for the day was getting over. All the employees were frisked and checked, then allowed to walk out and this process would last for a long time. I took my time and with my colleague was chatting away to glory as we closed the maintenance work for the day on a machine and happy as the customer was delighted to resume his testing.

All of a sudden there was a chorus of voices behind us raising their amplitude levels as we know that there is no noise at lesser frequencies. There were slogans and jubilant laughs and i could immediately understand that the group of people were praising for a special person. After a while the crowd moved away and i saw a man fully garlanded and decked in Mysore Petha (A special Turban wore on the head from the state of Mysore). He also held a danda (a special staff bound to be given for outstanding recognition) and i thought that he had won elections. I realized later that he had retired from service and his team was giving him a farewell. The man must have served his entire life there and what a feeling it must have been because i was just blown away by those emotions. Standing their i could understand what that man was going through on the last day of his dedicated service to his organization.

This is one of the premier Navaratna organizations and i service here as our machines are located in for most important results. One of the employees told him that today he don’t need to be frisked, and then something happened which was beautiful. The main gates of the company were opened for him to walk high, while all this was happening the chorus of slogans for him never stopped. He walked out and with utmost dignity and reverence joined his palms and bowed at the gates to the organization, to the company he served. What a gesture and suddenly he was a pensioner now, though i did not know him he earned my salute and wishes for the future.


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