Ivory Maiden

In dark woods I waited alone
I went to see them , memories which swept me along
There was an angel by my side and her eyes gleamed with fire
I saw her aura and had to hide but secretly burnining with a desire

Somebody who had come from the Fantasia
It seemed she was an acquaintance long and unknown
She shaped my fantasies and realmed my dreams,I carelessly Supported her
The opposer held by my hand I swear she buried me in her trust

I became immune and she acted as a consort, with her around like a bosom friend and she flew so high
Everything seemed material, no sooner that would die
In her hand was the scepter with three flaming bolts
And then she simulated the love with those fiery eternal jolts

Looking into her eyes I smiled with glee
She blushed and Blushed and started to flee
I caught her, The Ivory Maiden and kissed her on the cheeks
Was not a dream because we live very high in the peaks


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