A Rider by Gene Morphology

Riding has been an all time passion and exactly here are the details i present to remember what made me love bikes or love riding at a young age. At the age of 4, I remember recognizing and identifying the beats generated from a raw iron cast engine of a 350 cubic cylinder  engine displacement in a Royal Enfield Bullet. The way this machine churned out those thumps of total volume in the belly of its engine, it was amazing and it ignited that passion in me to fire up all the cylinders in that bike someday. Little Vinayak was young in his checks shirts and half pants always used to wonder where these enormous sounds were getting belted. My maternal uncle who was a merchant of Timber business in the town of Udupi was riding his Bullet barefooted, and even today he does ride the bike of Bullet on barefoot. I could say you can call him “the saint on two wheels” and in the vacations when I used to visit my Grandmother’s, he used to take me on long rides. Clenching my fists on the handle bar and sitting on the tank, the high wind brushing my hairs and the roads passing by aside with full of trees on the sides and the forest cover. Maybe now you will get an idea of how young Vinayak was feeling it and how a rider came to forte. The special eateries of Mangalore/Udupi  cuisine was a delight to be enjoyed on these rides and so were the guavas, the jack-fruits, the mangoes. Wow, life was crazy and fun filled and it continues even now. The iconic Black Standard 350 version of Royal Enfield Bullet was every bikers dream in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and I am so damn sure it is even now. You cannot compare a Bullet to a Triumph or a Harley or a Ducati, for the Bullet holds a special place in every Indian’s heart who is a biker aficionado belonging to the Bullet rider’s gated community. Any Army, Police or Defence Official would be offered a Bullet in his/her service and it was one of the most used automobile during the world war periods due to its rugged features. Not needed a war description here to describe the features of this bike but it is a known fact. So, as I grew up with the idea of owning a Bullet and to ride it grew up like a gigantic oak tree from the sprout years ago which was a seedling. So much of fracas during my college days was witnessed as my parents thought I would not be able to handle the Bullet due to my lean features and the build of my body. Well I had to compromise on buying another Bike during my college days and the wait was still more prolonged. I dream’t, I lived my life with the dream of riding my own Bullet one day and every Royal Enfield on the road was a glee. And I was waiting for “GOD TO SAY YES”, Vinayak My Son this is it and your times in the wild for the search of your Bullet is over. Finally, Finally, Finally on the 27th of February in 2010 I booked myself the legendary Royal Enfield Classic 350 CC. My joy knew no bounds and I was informed that my wait would be for 8 months, I said “HELL  O YEAH” my wait has been for an eternity to lay hands on the bike and these eight months were my race days to the finish line. Those days I had started my career as a Service Engineer for Scanning Electron Microscopes, I was in the process of installing a Scanning Electron Microscope at Tamil Nadu Agriculture University at Coimbatore. The installation was over and while I was doing one of the test alignments in the scanning electron microscope on the morning of September 26th I received the call from Showroom that my bike had arrived. Then, 4 days later in Bangalore I went ahead and picked up the bike with my father and since then it has been a dream every day that lives up beautifully in my front porch always.Where I have rode and what I have experienced will come up here in future. While I turn my wrist on the throttle and increase the torque can you feel it, Real Men ride royally and see you on the other side.


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