I have an idea about God, and my thoughts, the philosophies i come across, the religions, the ideologies are never ending and everything is woven together to say that a supreme power controls all of us. We believe that someone out there looks for all of us, and the possibility of life is defined more due to these propaganda’s. I am not quite sure as propaganda will not be the right word to convey the meaning here but nevertheless it might be just enough for me to pass my message to you.

A silent prayer is always so true and powerful and if you are rational then maybe you would disagree with me. I see so many people praying in time of need and this need is very real, at this time of need you do not want to take any chance and whatever maybe the situation you just want to get through it and you want god or that power to take you on the other side. Various prophecies by chance and by virtue have been describing about god and there are so many derived meanings. Have you felt him? seen him? spoke to him? Don’t think none of us have but maybe a few would have chanced to connect in some special kind of spiritual manner.

We can argue or debate so much about the prowess and powers but it would be difficult to dwell into the exact reasons. To me he is a source of inspiration and strength, the bliss in life is him and the happiness in people around me is his power and i do have faith in his power. It would be meaningless to discard his presence for then the world would not pop up just because of metaphysics. There is a pivot held by him which balances out all of us and the very existence of human and all other forms of life proves it.


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