I Am 57HS3531

CQ CQ CQ 5-7-Hoh Tell-See Air Rah-3-5-3-1 calling…. This is my Callsign i have recently registered on the Hamsphere 3.0. Yes, I am speaking about being a HAM and HAM radio operation. I have very recently cleared my HAM exam and waiting for a Amateur Restricted Grade License. The License has it’s own limits which I intend to tell you all in my future writes.

So what actually is HAM? It is a Station where you have radio set and you can transmit/receive with a certain frequency allotted to you and communicate with any other HAM in any corner of the world. This excites me a lot as there is no boundary and any limit to the zone of call, and if you are lucky enough may be you can land a call to any of the astronauts out there.

There are a number of stations all around the world, the station may be the place from where you are doing the radio transmission and the Callsign is your identity in this medium. The Callsign is used for your identification, since the radio has its own set of rules on how to use your names by understanding the phonetics.Currently i am using a call sign 57HS3531 which is allotted to me by the Hamsphere, Hamsphere is a virtual software version of HAM and it too works like a HAM through the cyberspace. So before you get your license and find it a costly affair to buy a radio, maybe you can try the Hamsphere for a while.

The actual HAM needs quite a setup and I am yet to experience it and the most important thing to be done here is listening. You will get scores of radios making conversations here and never intercept any caller who is on air until you have the permission to do so. Firstly, get to know the basics and then transmit. It is fun and it can be taken up as a hobby, and to it is a very serious profession too.

I was thinking about acquiring and learning HAM from my school days and today i am really excited to be here and learning the radio jargon from various radio enthusiasts. It adds a lot of value to your personality and please do not just think that making a contact and talking here is just a thing. There is scope for you to learn so much here and i will leave it to you for exploring the world of HAM. Meanwhile i would like to get back on my frequency now and come see me there. Alpha – Bravo – Charlie

5 – 7 – Hoh Tell – See Air Rah – 3 – 5 – 3 -1 calling…. Is there someone on this frequency… Roger… Roger….


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