I have an idea about God, and my thoughts, the philosophies i come across, the religions, the ideologies are never ending and everything is woven together to say that a supreme power controls all of us. We believe that someone out there looks for all of us, and the possibility of life is defined more due to these propaganda’s. I am not quite sure as … Continue reading God

I Am 57HS3531

CQ CQ CQ 5-7-Hoh Tell-See Air Rah-3-5-3-1 calling…. This is my Callsign i have recently registered on the Hamsphere 3.0. Yes, I am speaking about being a HAM and HAM radio operation. I have very recently cleared my HAM exam and waiting for a Amateur Restricted Grade License. The License has it’s own limits which I intend to tell you all in my future writes. … Continue reading I Am 57HS3531