Sattvic,Rajasic, Tamasic

I am a very serious believer in Hindu mythology and it’s faith has added more than to my life. The Vedas and the Upanishads have so much abundant knowledge in them, so to it that even a lifetime is not sufficient for you to finish those and understand totally. I would like to read these in small steps and destroy the creative myths in the darkness of my ignorance. To be hopeful has always shown a defined meaning and if you have subtle interest to know a subject, It is not enough and you need to gather more than your intellect experience to know how your ancestors have lead a strong and beautiful life in nature.

The human emotions are controlled by three basic qualities, a man is classified to be in Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic features. Such beautiful names they are in Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, now this is a very intense topic and I ask forgiveness if it is not satisfying explanation to someone somewhere. Sattva is related to the man’s existence and reality, it is your purity and goodness, It is your infinite light and intelligence. If you want to make out the difference between mundane world and things which are not real, it is your Sattva which enables you the power to differentiate and resolve it. If you are inspired to do something then it is your Sattva,If you are true to someone then it is because of your Sattva quality. If you want a clean and pure heart then you better practice Sattvic gunas.

Rajasic features hold various emotions and control you. If you are restless, If you do not have peace of mind then you are Rajasic. Desires, addiction, illusion, ignorant and drowsy you are then have been a rajasic slave. Your pain will be the friend in you, no one will want to be with you, you will not be sincere to yourself and try to find mistakes with others. You will not try to be good and bad deeds will accumulate in you, more than everything you will sow hatred and disturbance in your surroundings and yourself.

Tamas will weigh you down and make everything very dull, it will stop your progress and make you survive in delusion. You will have a negative power and most of all will not let you go of your ego which is anger, greed , jealousy and you will be in isolation. Tamasic features will push you into the dark realms of life and will not allow you to accept the reality. You will be habitual towards offending your life and not find the perfect balance. Your mind is connected to darkness, vanity and animosity.

Wake up before it is too late and get rid of the demonic nature. Get hold of your life, saddle up and ride along in order.


2 thoughts on “Sattvic,Rajasic, Tamasic

  1. A wonderful post. All the Dosha are actually within the elements. Every element is actually made of combination of two elements(Panchtattva). As you balance your elements by tattva shakti vigyaan your doshas also start to balance out!!


    1. Thank you miss. My inputs regarding the gunas are limited but i am interested to know more about Tattva, Mantra and Kundalini Shakti. How do you balance the doshas and are these doshas related to the karmas.


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