Highway Girl, My First Encounter Again

In the sweltering heat I walked alone while the dust parted, along the highways many vehicles moved at high speeds and I was perspiring. I had to make my way to one of the work sites and I was very thirsty. I had to find a shop to quench my thirst at the earliest, relieved i was as some distance away was a store laden with commodities. I sat on a bench and got myself a cold drink, the drink was not cold but my thirst was driven away in a jiffy and I immediately found my energy levels rising like the summer tempo temperature.

As I lay twisted there in the hot sun, I saw a young lady kicking the front wheels of her car in desperation. On noticing that the wheels were punctured I thought it would be wise if I approached her and offered my help. So, cautiously i walked towards her and asked politely if she needed help. I thought that she would be on her guard but however immediately she told that there was an urgency for her to move to the next city around and the car had got punctured. I took a look at her agony and boys being boys I assured her that the wheel change will be done by me if she would give me the spare and which immediately she did. I took the bulky wheel in her luggage carrier from the rear of the car. Whew!! it was indeed heavy, made me so much to think about my masochistic claims. It was quite an effort in changing the wheels.

During the change the blue jeans clad woman had a beautiful sky blue polka top somewhere the voices already told this was my woman . I was doing the idea of whether she was engaged or married? She mentioned that her working for a top multinational and had an important family event to attend in the neighboring city. So engrossed was I into her that I forgot about my appointment with the customer and told her that I was travelling to the city too and waiting for a transportation. Would’n it be wise for her to return the courtesy and make a noble gesture of offering me a drive.

Indeed she did and offered me a drive to the city. I got to know her more and she was fond of things which i like too. Some how assuming to hit upon a cafe table date, i anticipated her to tell me more about her. I was happy in her company and said damn this happiness is me. We laughed away the entire drive and i dream’t her of lining the grapes all over. I noticed the small mole on her chin added more to her beauty and she had dressed her eyes with simple black liners, hairs pulled back like a latin chick and I was all eyes for her. With time moving I wanted to ask her out and somewhere my feelings were aware.

I saw her drive the torque filled vehicle with so much of grace and control, no wonder she had driven me crazy with those looks. At some point she said she liked me and we would part with a cafe drink. So much for my joy and I wanted to pull the big hour handle of the clock backwards and freeze every time in that zone. Suddenly, I felt a soft skin brush aside my face and was so much tempted, then the whiskers poked and made a soft mewing. It was Mr Mew, my tom cat and I woke up from my sleep. Reluctantly I pulled aside my sheet and made towards the day.


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