Flowers – The Essence

Flowers are God’s way of making us feel the essence of life, It was his idea to show us that nature and spirituality are in union. I often wonder how flowers capture our reasoning and bring out emotions. The bright colors of every flower , the appearance and shape of every flower has been crafted to such an exquisite beauty.

Voila!!! Every flower is associated with an beauty isn’t it? The fragrance of a flower attracts you towards them and counting the innumerable fragrances being delivered from their bellies, I find flowers intoxicating. So much for their demand in the austerities to be performed for prayers, to the dressing her hairs in those beautiful plaits , to drive in the good luck charm on any occasion, to present a bouquet of flowers for someone really special is what we Indians have done always with a meaning. We have connected spirituality with nature and through flowers expressed every beautiful feeling.

The Symbolism of Emotions
The Symbolism of Emotions

When you offer a flower to someone it represents the symbol of your feelings, an emotion that has blossomed in you takes the shape of that flower and carries you. Its a universal practice and I can think of none who have never experienced such share. If you grow flowers in your yard or garden then it is a more beautiful joy. Every morning when I see flowers, there is an instant connection with nature, a new energy blossoms and takes me ahead to face new challenges.

The Flowers of Entrar
The Flowers of Entrar

Offering of flowers to God has been universal Β and it is such a divine emotion. Try placing flowers in your living room and work spot, you will be charged always. Try a bit of gardening if you have time to spare, it will relieve you of your stress. Plant a small jade tree, bamboo shoots, a small hibiscus, a bunch of roses, and believe me it will change your entire personality. You will start to notice the smaller things with respect and notice other elements around you. Just try once keeping a lotus with you and it will live for a long time though being pulled out of its navel. There are a billion flowers around and a billion emotions in you, this is very flamboyant and So awaken these emotions in you, I am sure you will enjoy a lot.

Shree Ganeshaya Namaha
Shree Ganeshaya Namaha



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