Chandramana Ugadi

A thousand salutations to the embodiment of supreme spirit of this universe my mother I bow to you. Today being the auspicious day of Chandramana Ugadi I pray for happiness and prosperity of the humanitarian race, to my friends, my relatives and all the forms of life. Thank you mother for giving us this beautiful life and I salute you with my utmost reverence to lead me towards the supreme bliss.

My house is ready with all the preparations for the pooja (prayers). We believe that a family has to celebrate such occasions always and preserve the rich culture and heritage that is brought to date here by our ancestors and blood. We are very privileged to hold on to these festivities even today and will do it always.

The entrance of my house is decorated with “Rangoli”. It is a very colorful pattern of art smeared with white sand and other color material on the ground. Many young girls and the women of houses take bath and dressed in their beautiful attires smear the “Rangoli” in front of their houses. In the southern India this is a beautiful practice and all the houses have different vibrant rangolis designed at the entrance of the houses. You can see so many different colors and patterns brought out with so much of creativity. My house has a very similar design today and however it has only two colors in it. My mother says that the Rangoli is smeared as an offering to the mother earth, because my house is standing on her and she is protecting her children always. This is a way of dressing her up always.

A colorful craft
Rangoli – A colorful craft



We celebrate by dressing up the doors and the pooja houses with fresh mango leaves and fresh flowers. We decorate to bring in prosperity and luck, the mango tree is a very powerful among all the trees as it yields fruits every year which are a delight in taste and very sweet aroma when the fruit ripens. We believe that by tying the mango leaves at the doors which is called the “Torana” our lives will be as sweet as the fruit and strong as the seeds will be our values and emotions.

Torana - Fresh Mango Leaves
Torana – Fresh Mango Leaves


After the initial activities and taking bath we perform the prayers to the gods, we wear new clothes and children play around the houses. We exchange pleasantries with our dear ones and then before noon we offer the Naivaidyam to the God and mantras are recited. In my house my father religiously performs these activities while we watch him do it.

After the prayers are over we eat the bevu bella ( Bevu is the neem leaves and Bella is Jaggery) and doing this has a very significant meaning. In life there are lots of ups and downs, we have to have equal share of both in balance neem leaves are bitter to taste and the jaggery is sweet. So, by eating both it symbolizes that we ask blessings of the God to give us both in equal proportions.

Vermillon and Lamps
Vermillon and Lamps


Bevu - The bitter Sweet
Bevu – The bitter Sweet


Then comes a very sumptuous meals with lots of sweet dishes and I do not have a picture of this at present but i will show it to you what the meal looks like on a Banana Plantain leaf on the festival day. The day of Ugadi is a very special day and a fresh start, and In the Hindu calendar we celebrate the new year from today. The moon is visible only for a very short time and it is believed that by seeing him at dusk on this very date, our lives will be enlightened. So do not forget to watch him and I am wishing you all a very Happy Ugadi. May the lord keep you all in happiness, success and prosperity always.


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